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Brendon DeSimone is the author of "Next Generation Real Estate: New Rules for Smarter Home Buying & Faster Selling," the go-to insider’s guide for navigating and better understanding the complex and ever-evolving world of buying and selling a home. DeSimone is the founder and principal of DeSimone & Co, an independent NYC real estate brokerage providing individualized services and a fresh, hands-on approach. Bringing more than a decade of residential real estate experience, DeSimone is a recognized national real estate expert and has appeared on top media outlets including CNBC, Good Morning America, HGTV, FOX News, Bloomberg and FOX Business. Consumers often call on Brendon for advice and to help them find a real estate agent. You can follow him on Twitter or Google Plus.

Stories by Brendon DeSimone

Short Sale Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House - Right Side.

Why Short Sales Take So Long

Find out why many real estate agents call them “long-and-drawn-out sales.”

Lazy guy sleeping on couch

How to Sell a House With Tenants

If you have a difficult tenant and suspect he won’t be cooperative, it may be best to let the rental lease expire before you put your home on the market.

Couple arguing

Can You Break Up With Your Real Estate Agent?

Sometimes the relationship just doesn’t seem to be working out as expected. There may come a time to call it quits.

Estate Agent Showing Young Woman Around New Empty Property

How to Find and Keep a Real Estate Agent You’ll Love

Real estate success or failure may depend a lot on picking the right agent from the beginning.

Hammer on cash

Should You Remodel or Trade Up?

Before you decide to sell your home, consider whether it makes more sense to stay put and remodel your space to make it work.

Single family next to skyscraper

Do You Own the Air Above Your Home?

Most people own the air rights above their homes up to a point and air rights in big cities can sometimes result in big money.

Do You Own the Land Under Your Home?

Do your due diligence to ensure you know about liens, easements or land grants made on property you’re thinking about purchasing.

lots of photos

3 Tips for Being a Smart Seller in 2014

Make your home listing more appealing to today’s tech-savvy buyers.


How to Approach Real Estate in 2014 & Beyond

As you approach buying a home this year, it helps to focus on the long term by keeping the following five best practices in mind.

Number Seven

The 7 Steps to Buying a Home

Though every market is different, you can expect to follow these seven steps, from offer to closing.

Tug of war with cash

How to Negotiate Repairs After a Home Inspection

Most would-be buyers and sellers believe the real estate “deal” is negotiated at the signing of the contract. The reality, though, is that in many cases, the deal-making and negotiations only start at the contract signing.


What Do Buyers and Sellers Pay in Closing Costs?

Usually, the buyer is faced more line-item expenses, but the seller pays the commission.


Should You List Your Home During the Holidays?

The reality is, the home buying season is now year-round.

Sale pending sign

Sale Pending: What Does It Mean & Should You Make an Offer?

Sale pending can mean a few different things, but generally it indicates that all contingencies have been removed, and the buyer is moving toward closing.


How to Compete Against a Cash Buyer

Someone buying a home with credit can still compete against cash buyers and win.

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