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I'm Brian Brady, a 19 year veteran of the industry. I started my career with Merrill Lynch, as a financial adviser, right after I graduated Villanova University. I worked in the downtown Philadelphia office. I moved out west in 1992 and have worked in residential real estate lending since 1994. I have originated loans, managed branches, was the National Sales Manager for a regional mortgage bank, and successfully turned around an ailing mortgage banking firm to profitability. I'm back to my first love; working with clients in a financial advisory capacity. I consider myself a Mortgage Planner, which is a new title for mortgage originators who have expertise in financial planning. This means that you'll get a whole lot more than rate and points from me. I'll show you how to properly structure your debt so as to increase your liquidity, safety and return on your investments. I'll even show you a tax trick or two to run by your CPA. Call me at my office at (858)- 777-9751

Stories by Brian Brady

Is Your House An Investment ?

I’ve noticed industry folks switch over to the bubble bloggers’ opinion that a house, used as a primary residence, should […]

Do Offers With FHA or VA Mortgages Cost Sellers Money?

I pre-approved a buyer with a VA home loan last summer and she’s been having a tough time getting an […]

Who Pays VA Non-Allowable Closing Costs?

VA mortgages are a great way for those who served in the United States Armed Forces to purchase a home.  […]

Why Won't Your Loan Originator Offer A Mortgage Rates Outlook?

Take it easy on us, folks.  Mortgage rates are tough to predict on a  quarterly basis let alone a weekly […]

Will Mortgage Rates Rise in July, 2009?

If June, 2009 was the month of disaster for mortgage rates, July, 2009 is the month of the recovery.  Mortgage […]

Five Lies Buyer Brokers Tell Home Buyers (About Commissions)

Are you seeking a new home and deliberating over which real estate agent to use?  Beware of the five most […]

Trend Reversal: Lock-In Bias Is Back

I wasn’t sure about the new trend of higher mortgage rates.  The nagging thought was that the Fed would continue […]

Why You Shouldn't Panic About June Mortgage Rates

What a week, huh?  The mortgage rates meltdown scared a lot of people this week, me included.  I was mostly […]

June '09 Mortgage Rates Higher? It's All Tom, Bill, and Mao's Fault

Update: June, 2009 Mortgage Rates Thoughts (added at midnight) We’re in the “Era Of Finger Pointing” so I”ll just pile […]

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Homebuyer Tax Credit Anticipation Loans Stalled

The recent FHA ruling (HUD Mortgagee Letter 2009-15),  designed to allow a subordinate lien, cross-collateralized by the anticipated First-Time Homebuyer […]

Can a Mortgage Originator Offer a Fiduciary Relationship?

There is a difference between mortgage brokerage firms and direct lenders.  Our firm has the capacity to operate as both […]

One More Reason To Consider a VA or FHA Loan

One of the benefits we often forget, when describing VA home loans and FHA mortgages, is they are assumable.  What […]

Chicken or Egg? A Survival Guide to The Great Mortgage Refinance Boom of 2009

The Fed announced that it will buy up to a trillion dollars more in mortgage-backed securities and mortgage bond traders […]

Online Mortgage Shopping: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

I referenced the Rice University study that suggested that pictures on a profile lent credibility to borrowers on an online […]

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