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I'm Brian Brady, a 19 year veteran of the industry. I started my career with Merrill Lynch, as a financial adviser, right after I graduated Villanova University. I worked in the downtown Philadelphia office. I moved out west in 1992 and have worked in residential real estate lending since 1994. I have originated loans, managed branches, was the National Sales Manager for a regional mortgage bank, and successfully turned around an ailing mortgage banking firm to profitability. I'm back to my first love; working with clients in a financial advisory capacity. I consider myself a Mortgage Planner, which is a new title for mortgage originators who have expertise in financial planning. This means that you'll get a whole lot more than rate and points from me. I'll show you how to properly structure your debt so as to increase your liquidity, safety and return on your investments. I'll even show you a tax trick or two to run by your CPA. Call me at my office at (858)- 777-9751

Stories by Brian Brady

Should You Wear A Tie To Your Loan Application?

Apparently, looks matter when you’re seeking a loan.  From a Rice University study: People who are perceived to be trustworthy […]

Getting Offers Accepted With VA Home Loans

I hosted a webinar tonight about VA home loans, targeted at REALTORS, to better help them understand: how to present […]


Facing Foreclosure? Making a Comeback is an American Tradition

Can’t afford your mortgage?  Call your lender and ask them to modify the loan to a payment you can afford.  […]

People holding question marks

Why Won't You Approve My $700,000 "Conforming" Loan?

Diane Tuman reports that the Stimulus Package, recently signed into law by President Obama, allows for a reversion to the […]

Green California Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Californians Get Additional Home Buyer Tax Credit

If you’re a Golden State resident, you know that our Legislature ended a “Californian stand-off” last week when they agreed […]

boost appraisal value

Property Appraisals: Declining Market Adjustment

California is considered a “declining market” by lenders, the secondary market, and appraisers alike.  Appraisers have been instructed to adjust […]


Are Big Down Payments Smart?

Down payment requirements, for mortgage loan programs,  have increased over the past 12-18 months.  Here are some examples: FHA hiked […]


Unzipped Mortgage Rates Report: February 13, 2008

Mortgage rates look to trend up in the next week or so.  Ambiguity about the spending/stimulus bill, combined with a […]

3D red glass house

$15,000 Tax Credit For Homebuyers Now Doubtful

In an eleventh-hour negotiation, the provision for a $15,000 home buyer tax credit, in President Obama’s “stimulus package”, is most […]


Are VA Home Loans More "Expensive" Than Conventional Mortgages?

Should veterans with funds available for a down payment, choose a VA home loan or a conventional loan with Private […]

3D Character and Question Mark

Do You Have a Back-Up Loan?

I’m a mortgage broker by name but I’m really a borrower’s advocate.  I “sell” for a living.  I “sell” underwriters […]

Mortgage and down payment

Hope For a 4.5 Mortgage Rate Disrupted By All This Talk Of Change

Shopping for mortgage rates might have become easier but shopping for a mortgage is still quite difficult. Did you know […]


Look For That 4.5% Mortgage Rate In The Next Few Weeks

The US Treasury Department has been supporting the mortgage bonds market, in order to keep mortgage rates under 5%.  I […]

Uncle Sam Moneybag

How The Government Can Save The American Homeowner (From The Government)

I like that Jennifer Monastero is thinking about how the government might intervene in the housing/lending crisis and stop the […]


Unzipped Mortgage Rates Report: January 6, 2008

Mortgage rates are 4.75%…No, wait a minute.  They shot back up ! Welcome to January, 2009.  It looks to be […]

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