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Erika Riggs, the Zillow Digs manager, covers home design and trends.

  1. firepit

    Out-of-the-Box Fire Pit Ideas

    Today’s fire pits are more stylish than ever. The new fire pits — including gas-powered versions — add serious drama when it’s time for s’mores.

  2. An all-white palette directs the focus to the scenery outside.

    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 10: Before & After

    The two remaining “American Dream Builders” contestants were each given a beachfront home that suffered from significant wear and tear. See some tips for replicating their designs.

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    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 9: Before & After

    The four remaining contestants renovated a classic Victorian home.

  4. A paneled wall is a great backdrop to a simple bed.

    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 8: Before & After

    Minimal married industrial in this episode of “American Dream Builders.”

  5. The simple furnishings let the details of this room shine.

    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 7: Before & After

    This week the designers tackled just one house: an outdated colonial.

  6. Blue pops against the white molding on the walls.

    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 6: Before & After

    The designers injected some modernity into two Craftsman homes this week on “American Dream Builders.”

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    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 5: Designing for Small Spaces

    See how each team found creative ways to decorate for very small spaces in the latest episode of “American Dream Builders.”

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    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 4: Before & After

    Each team was tasked with renovating nearly 100-year-old cabins, both of which were showing their years.

  9. Dann's Spanish-style living room is still modern.

    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 3: Before & After

    This week, the designers made Spanish-style homes feel modern without losing any of their original charm.

  10. The designers created a completely new function for the space.

    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 2: Before & After

    The two teams tackled small, dark living spaces and unused yard space, and came up with mid-century modern designs that can be useful in any home.

  11. Fun accents make this room suitable for kids.

    ‘American Dream Builders’ Episode 1: Before & After

    On the first episode of NBC’s new home renovation reality show, American Dream Builders, the designers faced their first project, which were Tudor-style homes in desperate need of smarter space and rooms with more light. Here’s a look at how two designers tackled problem areas on the show and how you can incorporate the designs in your home.

  12. alabama lighthouse 2

    House of the Week: Alabama Lighthouse

    Constructing a lighthouse was always a dream for this homeowner.

  13. Pyramid house driveway

    House of the Week: Pyramid House in Connecticut

    Set designers worked with an architect to create this dramatic Connecticut home.

  14. Lauren Conrad's home

    Lauren Conrad Buys New Laguna Beach Home

    Some get chocolates or flowers on Valentine’s Day. Lauren Conrad got an oceanside home.

  15. Bedroom

    Pharrell Increases Price on Miami Condo

    Williams no longer wants to hang his ubiquitous hat at this fancy Miami home.