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The Best Policy on Locking in Interest Rates...

Consider the following three things when deciding whether or not to lock in your mortgage interest rate: Lock in your […]

Am I SAFER today as a result of the SAFE Act of 2008?

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (called the SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008) is […]


Back to the Fundamentals: How can I increase my approval amount?

For many, this is an irrelevant question. Most clients I meet with are able to qualify for much more than […]


Back to the Fundamentals: I have my maximum payment. Now how much house can I buy?

If you have ever used Excel spreadsheet, which I do daily in calculating mortgage and investment solutions, the answer to […]


Back to Fundamentals: How Do I Know How Much Mortgage Payment I Qualify For?

The answer to this question defines the “simple but not easy” category of mortgage education if ever there was such […]


Back to Fundamentals: Source of Funds.

Mortgage professionals are often chided by customers and REALTORS® for our requirement to verify the source of funds a borrower […]

Back to the Fundamentals: How much money do I need to put down?

If there is one component that predicts more than any other whether a home owner will continue making payments when […]


Back to Fundamentals: Key Components of Full Mortgage Approval

I generally go through this with every buyer I meet just to make sure that folks understand the big picture. […]


I Have No Credit Score – Can I Buy a Home?

Absolutely! I have in the past written about how to increase your credit score by purchasing a credit action report […]

How and Why You Get Your Money Back by Refinancing

Many are bemoaning the fact that their home has lost value in the last three years. They purchased the home […]

Was my loan funded by Fannie, Freddie or neither?

I have likely sent more than 200 files this year alone to Karen in my office with a sticky note […]

Summary of FHA Changes

What was just hearsay and what has actually happened? A summary of FHA changes since the first of the year, […]

Credit Action Transforms Credit Scores with Precision

Most home buyers today are not aware of a report that is available to them through their lender that will […]

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