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Jacqueline Shannon is an author and journalist based in Southern California whose work has appeared in publications as diverse as the New York Times, Reader’s Digest and Cosmopolitan magazine. Her 16 books include "Why It’s Great to be a Girl" (HarperCollins) and "Raising a Star" (St. Martin’s Press).

  1. real estate

    Listing Your Home? Check Out the Latest Real Estate Buzzwords

    One way to make your home stand out from others during the winter doldrums is to choose words that jump out at potential home buyers when they’re searching through real estate listings.

  2. Southfork Ranch. Source:

    The Death of J.R. Ewing: Who Gets Southfork Ranch?

    Just in time for the new season to start Jan. 28, here’s a brief history lesson for those who quit watching the original show in the ’80s and a glimpse at what has sometimes been called “the most famous white house west of D.C.”

  3. Harp

    Entertaining at Home: The 5 Perfect Conversation Pieces

    During the holidays merry-making doesn’t always come so easy when you’re entertaining people you don’t know very well in your home.

  4. Source: NorthStar Moving

    What Happens on Celebrity Moving Day

    Your moving day probably does not include starting and completing the move in the middle of the night or having a dozen identical decoy moving vans at the same time. This, however, is all in a day’s work for a company that specializes in the needs of celebrities.

  5. dispute.png

    Hate Thy Neighbor: Shocking Neighborhood Stories

    One man took issue with his neighbor’s new in-ground pool. Another got fed up with the loud gospel music coming from next door. Find out how these neighbors sought revenge and more.

  6. zillow munchkin house

    La Jolla Munchkin Houses: Truth or Tall Tale?

    As the legend goes, some of the little people who played Munchkins in “The Wizard of Oz” made enough money to move to San Diego and build four custom houses to accommodate their smaller stature.

  7. Main Street Sign

    Beyond Main: How Streets Get Their Names

    Who decides whether you will be fated to live on Durt Road or on something with a more pleasant ring, such as Lucky Lane?

  8. Charleston

    Homes Elvis Would Love

    Here are some homes reminiscent of Graceland that Elvis might cotton to if he were still with us and shopping around.