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Jessica Hickok is a REALTOR® Broker and Property Manager/Landlord with Dizmang Properties, Inc. ( in Springfield, Missouri where she and her business partner manage over 200 single-family homes. She is the Co-Founder of the web site and blogs about property management projects on her personal site at and via Twitter as @SugarCube.

Stories by Jessica Hickok

Renter's rights

Protect Yourself as a Renter

Currently, the rental market is very favorable for tenants who are looking to lease property.  There is a plethora of […]

Lease agreement

6 Tips to Negotiating Your Lease Agreement

The time to negotiate your lease agreement is not when you are sitting down at the table with the landlord […]

Eviction Notice

What To Do If You're Facing Eviction

Unfortunately, during this real estate downturn, many people have found themselves in places they never expected to end up — […]

Choosing roomates

Renting? Tips on Choosing Your Roommates Wisely

When it comes to renting a place to live, tenants often find it easy to team up with a friend […]

tug of war

Playing Tug O' War Over Repairs Between Landlord and Tenant

It can be extremely frustrating to tenants when the landlord has taken their sweet time to make a simple repair […]

money in hand

Why Landlords Charge High Security Deposits

There are several reasons why a landlord charges more for a security deposit.

shoebox receipts

Property Managers and Landlords: Buckle Down for Year-End

It’s never too soon to start preparing for the year-end work that needs to be done as a landlord and […]

Source: flickr user Ashford Property Management LLC

Understanding the Role of the Property Manager

Understanding a property manager’s role is key for better relations between everyone in a rental property.

social media

Reasons to Friend (or Not) Your Tenants on Social Media Networks

Sometimes when you are a landlord, it can be hard to “turn off” your work and not let the line […]

Why Renter’s Insurance is Important

Often, tenants have a false sense of security thinking that they will automatically be covered if something were to happen to the home that they are renting.


Get It Right By Getting It In Writing

It is a wise move to get everything in writing — agreements and otherwise.


Be The Chosen One: Tips To Make Your Rental Application Stand Out

The rental market can be brutal, especially when a hot property that is well priced comes available.

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