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11 Things You Should Know About Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to protecting your home, it’s not just about safeguarding against structural damage or theft.

Adjusting theromstat

How the Weather Can Save You Money

Some summertime savings could be headed your way as new energy projections show a decrease in electric bills this summer. But unlike the last two summers, this drop in bills has nothing to do with lower electricity rates.

Stock exchange

Finding a Fortune in Your Attic

Treasure may be hiding behind those cobwebs and the abandoned sofa in your attic in the form of old stock and bond certificates.

gardening - digs

9 Ways to Save on Summer Gardening

Lisa Cangialosi, owner of New York-based landscape design company When in Bloom Inc., offers up nine creative ways to stay within your means this summer, no matter how big a patch of earth you have to tend to.

Mortgage and down payment

Budgeting for Big Families Under One Roof

When it’s mom and dad, Billy and Sally (and maybe Rover), budgeting can be fairly straightforward — but not everyone’s home life is quite so nuclear, especially in the current economic climate.

Moving in Together? Don't Make These 5 Money Mistakes

After the excitement of finding an apartment we loved wore off, we decided how much we would each pitch in for the bills and agreed on 50/50. We weren’t opening a joint account or making a major purchase together, so not much of a discussion was needed. But over time, we found that our quick money chat didn’t cover nearly enough of the issues that would eventually crop up.

Woman putting cans and bottles in recycling bin

Creating a Zero-Waste Home

Five years ago, Bea Johnson and her husband began house hunting while investigating environmental issues. Today, she says, her family’s yearly waste can fit in a quart-size jar.

Cleaning fridge

Scrubbing the Fridge? When Spring Cleaning Is (& Isn't) Worth It

Spring cleaning is a rite of passage — and we all want to live in sparkling, clutter-free homes — but our time also has value.

Personal Finance Tricks to Get the Most From Your Money

Remember the 14-percent tax rate Mitt Romney paid on his $13 million income? If you think it’s only the extremely wealthy who can get the most from their money, think again. There are a handful of legal personal finance hacks that are available to all of us.

Buy vs. rent sign

First-Time Home Buyer? Here's What Not to Do

Insanely low mortgage interest rates — and the knowledge that they’ll eventually go up again — make a lot of people feel like it’s time to buy a house right now. And maybe it is … if you go about it the right way.

money down the drain

Don't Let These Tax Credits Go Down the Drain

Unlike deductions and exemptions, which lower the amount of income you are taxed on, credits directly reduce the amount of taxes you owe.

Money bags

$166,000 a Year Is Middle Class? Only in Manhattan

The New York Times recently published a piece that’explains how, due to the exorbitant cost of living in New York, the city’s residents exist within a social structure unique to the city and eons away from most of the country.

Hundred-dollar bills

From $90,000 in Debt to Debt-Free in 3 Years

Our friends at LearnVest offer sound financial tips and advice for every aspect of life. Check out this first-person account from Stephanie Hood, who paid off $90,000 in debt in just three years.

Money trap

Big Money Traps and How to Avoid Them

A new year is always a good time for a new challenge — and we have one for you: In 2013, vow to take your finances to the next level.

Close up of Life Insurance Policy

How Life Insurance Saved a Family & Their Home

According to a nationwide study conducted by LearnVest and Guardian, although 57 percent of respondents own life insurance, only 28 percent feel extremely confident in their understanding of life insurance.

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