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Mortgage Interest Deduction | proposed changes

The Mortgage Interest Deduction has been allowed by the IRS since 1894? Eliminating this has NAR and NAHB up in arms and rightfully so as it could become a fatal blow to the fragile housing market.


The "One Touch" Loan File

Loan documentation in today’s mortgage lending industry will be more than you have ever had to supply before…..So if you find out that your loan officer and/or processor submitted and received a one touch file on your deal, give them a thumbs up as they have achieved the ultimate mark of efficiency in the loan process. And try and do all you can to help them achieve a one touch file by supplying all the documentation requested.

7 Requirements of Mortgage Verification and Validation

Today’s economic crisis has taught investors one huge lesson – verify and validate loan files.

Mortgage Rate Shopping? - Keep your finger on the trigger

When shopping Mortgage Rates be prepared to LOCK quickly as Mortgage Rates can worsen in a hurry….


How Important Is The Title Company?

Choosing a title company for your mortgage transaction…

The Mortgage Process? - Some Things May Just Be A Crap Shoot

A scenario came up recently that has been reoccurring since the inception of the new appraisal guidelines (HVCC ). Even […]

Tips To A Smooth Sailing Mortgage Transaction

Consumers should be aware in obtaining a new mortgage there no longer exists the “exceptions” prevalent in the recent past. […]

What can Football tell us about the economy?

Can we measure the economy based on a football game? Are you a diehard football fanatic? Can you fathom the […]

Fannie Mae HomePath

Fannie Mae HomePath Financing HomePath is a special designation given by Fannie Mae to properties in their portfolio that have […]

Slam Dunk Loans Are A Thing Of The Past

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear.  There are no more free rides in the mortgage lending business. Getting approved for a […]

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