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Roslyn Ashford, MBA, is a former corporate recruiter turned home stager, and native Washingtonian (as in DC). She hosts a bi-weekly tweet chat for home stagers and loves to stage small and vacant homes. Learn more about her growing company here or follow her on Twitter to keep up with the daily hilarity!

  1. Kitchen after

    A Small Renovation Can Make a Huge Impact

    Even if you have a limited budget, you can make a huge impact on your property by following a few key tips.

  2. Living room after

    Highlight an Empty Home’s Layout With Staging

    Many times, new layouts in old homes can and do confuse buyers. Where would the sofa go? What about the television? Where do you eat? Staging helps answer these questions for potential buyers.

  3. Cuban influence

    Buyers Are Bringing Color Back

    Home buyers are beginning to consult interior designers and home stagers about choosing the wall colors for their new homes — long before they sign the closing papers.

  4. large art

    Showcase Art to Brighten Your Home for Staging or Living

    While choosing art is a highly subjective — and sometimes intimidating — process, you can find inspiration on websites, at galleries or art festivals and in objects that you encounter every day.

  5. Office space

    Decluttering Your Home for the Real Estate Market

    Regardless of the size of your space, these tips can help you focus your energy during the decluttering phase of preparing your home for sale.

  6. Outdoor1

    Extend Your Living Space Into Your Backyard

    A basic but large patio can make your house stand out against other homes in your neighborhood.

  7. SOURCE: Front Porch Ideas

    Make Sure Your House is Appealing from the Curb!

    Whether you’re prepping your home for sale, or just want it to look good, don’t forget about the exterior — especially the front yard and door! […]

  8. Staged kitchen

    Tips for Living in a Staged Home

    Model homes make us dream about living there, but living in your own home while it is being staged is tougher than it looks. The key […]

  9. messy room

    Five Things Stagers are Tired of Seeing

    Last  week, I conducted an informal survey of home stagers from the US and Canada on what they are tired of seeing in homes to be […]

  10. Roslyn's Dated Kitchen

    Selling a House With a Dated Kitchen?

    You have a dated kitchen and you need to fix it up in order to sell your home, but you find yourself short of the typical […]

  11. staging before

    What to Expect When Working with a Stager

    This is a question that I hear frequently from those considering selling their home: “What happens when I work with a stager?” Although many people are […]

  12. color after

    Sell Your Home with Color on the Walls

    Even though many of the staging and home selling television shows clearly demonstrate and showcase the positive use of color when selling home, I rarely find […]

  13. teamwork

    Selling Your Home from Another State? It’s Tricky!

    Recently, I was contacted by a homeowner who is currently living in the Midwest, but she owns a home in the Washington, DC/Maryland area. She and […]

  14. DSCN1900

    Which Properties Beg to be Staged? Vacant Properties! (PHOTOS)

    Some homes need more staging assistance than others.