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Samantha (Sam) DeBianchi is a Realtor and founder of DeBianchi Real Estate. Her expert real estate advice and straightforward approach can be seen and heard on FOX Business. Always keeping it REAL, you can follow Sam online on Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Couple looking at bills

    3 Steps to Get Back in the Game After Foreclosure

    Once the long and tedious foreclosure process is finalized, how do you get back in the game and find a new match?

  2. Teamwork No. 1

    Building Your Real Estate ‘Dream Team’

    If you want to win the home of your dreams, you need to make sure you have built a “dream team” for success.

  3. Heart keychain

    How to Make Sure ‘The One’ Doesn’t Get Away

    In your home search, you must be sure there are no regrets and that your perfect match doesn’t wind up in the hands of another buyer. You’ll be disappointed if you lose the property because you got cold feet!

  4. Negotiation-300x2041.jpg

    3 Steps When the Appraisal Comes in Low

    Buyers and sellers need to make quick decisions when the appraisal doesn’t make the cut, and it’s important to be prepared in advance for this scenario.