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Scott Schang has been an entrepreneur his entire working life. The most recent chapter spans a little over a decade in the real estate industry.  Scott finds the most rewarding aspect comes from helping people cross the bridge to home ownership. His unique perspective with buying and selling clients stems from experience as a loan processor, loan officer, office manager, owner of a mortgage brokerage, real estate agent and real estate broker. Scott tells us that his most recent position as a full time home ownership educator with Broadview Mortgage Katella Branch in Orange California, is his most rewarding position thus far. Scott has been creating and publishing educational blog content on home ownership since 2007. He has seen the evolution and empowerment of consumers growing exponentially, primarily powered by social media networks. Scott is passionate about being the conduit for the evolution and empowerment that allows consumers to make informed decisions!

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    Down Payment Assistance is Available But It Requires Homework

    Down payment assistance programs are still widely available in my State of California but you wouldn’t know it unless you really looked.  As a company that […]

  2. Home Buyer Beware or Home Buyer Be Empowered?

    Home Buyer Beware or Home Buyer Be Empowered?

    Buyer beware is a term that is as old and familiar as it’s Latin origin Caveat emptor. There is a term that is used over the […]

  3. Lowest Interest Rate. How Important Is It?

    Lowest Interest Rate. How Important Is It?

    Obviously getting the lowest rate you qualify for is important. Here’s the rub. Your interest rate will not be determined until after you have been approved […]