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Sharona Ott is an editorial freelance writer at Zillow.

  1. Englewood, FL

    10 Great Places Near Water to Buy a Second Home

    For those seeking an oasis by the water, Zillow’s Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home list identifies all places within five miles of a body of water spanning more than 40 square miles.

  2. Key Biscayne, FL

    10 Resort-Worthy Pools & Spas

    With summer around the corner, home buyers might have a pool or spa on their wishlist. These 10 for-sale listings fit the bill.

  3. San Jose, CA - alternate image

    Ready to Buy? Consider a Home in These Thriving Markets

    Home values in these cities are expected to reach their peak by March 2015, which means now is a great time to buy.

  4. Arlington, WA

    Dome Homes for Sale

    In a sea of homes with perpendicular walls, dome homes offer a unique architectural twist.

  5. Minneapolis, MN

    Homes for Sale in the 7 Most Affordable Markets

    We define a market as affordable if a buyer who makes the area’s median income can afford the area’s median-priced home by spending less than what they have spent historically.

  6. baseball field

    For Sale: Homes Equipped for Yoga, Batting Practice, Pliés and More

    We’re not talking about that treadmill you barely use. These homes off fun exercise options ranging from a yoga studio to a backyard putting green.

  7. Portland, OR

    For Sale: Town Houses With 3 or More Bedrooms

    Town houses are good “in-between” types of homes for those looking for a lifestyle that is: Not too big and maintenance-heavy like single-family homes, but not […]

  8. Odessa, FL

    Homes for Sale in Top Buyers’ Markets

    When home shoppers discover that an area of interest is a buyers’ market, it should be music to their ears.

  9. Highlands Castle aerial

    Highlands Castle: A Father & Son’s Legacy

    Many children dream about living in the grand castles they read about in storybooks. John Lavender made his son’s dream come true in Bolton Landing, NY, though the project wasn’t finished overnight.

  10. The Black Apartment 1

    The Black Apartment Demystified

    Walking into Cindy Gallop’s NYCapartment, you wouldn’t guess it was once a room used by the YMCA.

  11. Williams Bay, WI

    2,000 Square Feet Under $200,000

    Who says you have to choose between quality and quantity? For less than $100 per square foot, these homes offer the best of both worlds!

  12. Homeland home

    Pending Sale: Nicholas Brody’s House in TV Show ‘Homeland’

    It’s a dream home for fans, but the buyers don’t have cable and have never heard of “Homeland.”

  13. Lettuce in raised bed

    Pocket-Sized & Pocket-Friendly Fall Vegetable Gardens

    Don’t let a lack of space put a damper on your green thumb.

  14. Wayne Newton's former home

    Wayne Newton’s Former 36-Acre Ranch Listed for $70 Million

    The saga of Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah ranch is a long tale of home sales, plans to convert the property into a museum, lawsuits, unfulfilled bank auctions and a cornucopia of zoo animals.

  15. Robin Quivers' former condo

    Robin Quivers Lists NYC Condo & Swaps Jersey Shore Homes

    “The Howard Stern Show” co-host listed her Beach Haven, NJ home and NYC condo, while purchasing a home in Long Beach Township, NJ.