Back to Basics: Zillow Keyword Search

When you are searching real estate listings for a new home or rental, you are probably searching by location, price range, or even number of bedrooms.

But if you’re really looking for something specific, there’s a way to hone in on it — use keyword search!

Keyword search simply means searching for a specific amenity or feature by that word.


For example, say you want a mid-century modern home. Type “mid-century” in the keyword search field and see what pulls up in search.

To find the keyword search field on Zillow, go to the search and maps page. From there, you can select or deselect a number of options ranging from foreclosure, new houses, homes for sale by owner, condos, and more (see below).

At the bottom right is the keyword search bar where you can enter any number of terms to find your ideal place.

Within this search, I found a two-bedroom, two-bath mid-century home listed on the L.A. real estate market for $439,000 (below). The updated home features an open floor plan and post-and-beam architecture typical of a mid-century modern design.

With keyword search, you can also get a little creative and find dream homes in your local ZIP code, or across the country. If you put in a specific keyword (e.g., “castle”), you can search the entire U.S. for castle-like homes. Just zoom out (use the zoom bar on the side of the search page).

When you hover over a state, you can see the number of results you get for that keyword. In this case, there is one Utah listing that has the word “castle” in it.

Using keyword search is a fun way to find your dream home, or perhaps just explore all the listings Zillow has to offer.