Oh, That’s Good: Bourdain Samples East Side With Condo Purchase

It’s no longer “Kitchen Confidential” that “Parts Unknown” host and celebrity foodie Anthony Bourdain is a native New Yorker and as such, is looking to strike up his new culinary adventure right at home.

That explains Bourdain’s purchase of a new home in the Big Apple just as he’s planning to launch a food market for the varieties of street food he has shown such a penchant for during his CNN travel/food show. 

Anthony Bourdain and his wife, Ottavia, are heading uptown. Source: Cox News

According to The Real Deal, Bourdain and his wife settled into a coveted condo in the Carnegie Hill Tower on the Upper East Side.

Word is that the closing took place in late January 2014 with Bourdain shelling out $3.35 million. The unit is a respectable 2,250 square feet — enough to accommodate the tall food show host whose larger-than-life personality and sardonic wit have turned him into a rising TV star.

It appears that Bourdain and his wife have settled on a second-floor unit, which might keep the impatient foodie from having to wait too long for elevators in the 32-story post-war building.

Bourdain’s new digs comes with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It’s also been noted that for a man who knows how to cook, this unit is not decked out with anything resembling a chef’s kitchen, at least by luxury apartment standards.

Then again, some of the food Bourdain has raved most about over the years has been produced in food trucks, outdoor markets and train stations. The man is not ostentatious when it comes to presentation, as long as it delivers a kick.


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