Bristol Palin Gets a Bargain in Maricopa, AZ

Bristol Palin may have finished third in the “Dancing with the Stars” finale, but she can enjoy some sense of retribution in real estate after she bought a home for nearly half the cost of its original value, according to the LA Times.

Palin, the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, reportedly purchased a home in the hard-hit real estate region of Maricopa, AZ for $172,000 in cash. Compare that to the $329,560 price the home sold for in May 2006.

What brings Bristol to the sun-fueled state of Arizona? She is rumored to be enrolling at nearby Arizona State University, which is located in Tempe, AZ — about 30 miles north of her new home in Maricopa. Plus, this home’s location would be ideal to escape the gray, dreary weather of her hometown of Wasilla, AK.

According to Zillow’s Price History chart (above), Bristol’s home was sold in 2006 for $329,560.  Then, it allegedly went into foreclosure in January 2010 and was bought in May for $137,200 by a couple from North Dakota as an investment. They fixed it up and put it back on the market at a starting price of $185,000.

Just last week, Sarah Palin finished second to Sandra Bullock as the celebrity most people would love to have as a neighbor.

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