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Zillow is honored to be hosting the 179th edition of the Carnival of Real Estate. For those unfamiliar with the Carnival, it is a compilation of the best posts in the vast universe of real estate blogging. Just like a carnival, the host location (blog) changes on a regular basis. Anyone with a real estate-related blog is welcome to submit their best post (max of 2) and the host reviews them and creates a blog post highlighting the winners. The content varies from business-to-business, consumer real estate topics, investing and more.

There were 54 submissions to this month’s carnival. We’ve selected a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with some honorable mentions.

1st Place goes to Ginger Wilcox and her SF North blog for “Social Media Could Kill Your Home Purchase or Sale”

carnival of real estate winnerThere exists no shortage of advice doled out daily to real estate professionals regarding social media strategy for their business practices. However, I haven’t seen too much in the way of guiding sellers and buyers on best practices for conducting social conversations regarding their transactions. Ginger dispenses some smart advice, along with some examples of how social media marketing can kill your transaction. When raising my 3 daughters, I felt that some of the most important wisdom I could impart to them was the practice of closing their mouths, engaging the brain and thinking about the impact of what they were saying would have. Once those words leave your mouth, there’s no putting them back. And when it comes to communicating on the web, it’s a seemingly innocuous statement could have a disastrous outcome.

2nd Place goes to Joel Burslem of 1000 Watt Consulting for “The Rise of Me Economics and What it Means for Real Estate Search”

carnival of real estate first runner upJoel’s post, inspired by a new book release, looks into the not-too-distant future vision of real estate search. I’ve know Joel for a while and he is one of those guys that stays out on the bleeding edge of technology. Unlike most prognosticators, his understanding of applied technology is usually dead on. The forward-looking scenario he outlines in his post is most likely very accurate. For a lot of reasons, the chances of a critical mass of users doing things as outlined is more likely to be further out than his prediction. However, his view of a “web 3.0” world of convergent search technology is spot on.

3rd Place honors go to Jeff Douglass and his San Diego Lifestyle blog for “The Orange And The Art of Negotiation”

carnival of real estate 3rd place winnerGood blog posts are concise and tell a story to drive home a point. Jeff does a great job of using an anecdotal experience to reflect on one of the real estate professional’s most important skills, negotiation. It makes a lot of sense to basically “start at the end” when crafting a strategy of any kind. Knowing what the desired outcome is and why the stakeholders are interested in it lays the foundation for creating the tactics used in the strategy.

Honorable Mentions:

Marketing and Selling Real Estate Using the Chinese Zodiac

Are you kidding? Are you on drugs? Taking over priced listings?

Top Ten Apartments on the Big Screen

What Do Real Estate Agents Really Sell?

40 Blogs About Life In a Mobile Home

The Top 3 Neighborhoods For Sports Fans

Congratulations to this month’s winners and thanks to everyone who submitted.

We encourage you to participate in future CoRE editions by hosting, submitting, subscribing and/or commenting!

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