Carnival of Real Estate (CoRE) Kicks Off!

For anyone who enjoys staying informed about the real estate industry and reading real estate-related blog posts by RE pros, you’ll be happy to know that the Carnival of Real Estate (CoRE) has returned.

The first host of the new and improved CoRE was Drew Meyers of Virtual Results. Coincidentally, Drew worked at Zillow for many years and was the co-founder of CoRE (along with David Gibbons), so it’s apropos that Drew had a hand in bringing CoRE back to life.

As host of CoRE #177, Drew gave a nod to many recognizable real estate bloggers before handing out gold, silver and bronze medals to bloggers he felt captured the top three spots. Take a look at Drew’s selections.

Also, many thanks goes out to Jay Thompson, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, who took over the CoRE reins and served up some changes – the main one being that CoRE will appear once a month, not once a week. Good call, Jay.

Lastly, if you want your work to be considered for next month’s CoRE, please submit your best post by Sept. 26. The venerable Kris Berg of San Diego Home Blog is the host!

See you in a month.