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White House - North View

The White House Value: Then & Now

While it’s true that the first family’s humble abode is unlike any other property in the world, the data heads here at Zillow set out to determine just how much this historical property was theoretically worth.

Foreclosure respres

Obama's Housing Initiatives: A Timeline

Democrats and Republicans paint different pictures of how affective the president’s efforts to stabilize the housing market have been.


Battleground States and Their Housing Situation

Nowhere does the pace of the housing market recovery matter more for President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney than the nation’s so-called swing states.

President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, dine on TV trays in the White House residence. Source:

Making the White House a 'Home'

When the president goes to his private residence at the end of the day, he undoubtedly yearns for the comforts of “home.” But what does that home look like?


The History of the Vice President's Residence

The 9,150-square-foot, three-story Victorian home at Number One Observatory Circle was built in 1893 and has been the official vice president’s residence since 1974.

george washington

Homes of Former Presidents

As the 2012 presidential election nears its final weeks, we’re taking a real estate tour of some of the former presidents’ domains.

vice president mugs

Homes of Vice Presidents and a VP Nominee

We’re taking a break at looking at the Presidents’ collection of real estate and checking out the Vice Presidents’ places.

Cranbrook Gardens in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Source: WikiCommons

Presidential Candidate Hometowns: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Bloomfield Hills, MI is where the Republican presidential nominee attended school and met his future wife.


Presidential Candidate Hometowns: Honolulu

As President Barack Obama crisscrosses the nation campaigning for re-election, there’s one city he’ll always hold a little nearer and dearer than the rest: his hometown of Honolulu.

Obama Hawaii rental

Vacation Homes of Romney and Obama

We’re taking a look at the places the candidates head to for an escape.

mitt-barack mashup

Homes of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Here’s a roundup of the homes each candidate currently owns.

Source: Politico

Romney's Stance on Housing: 'Let It Run Its Course'

The GOP presidential nominee has said little about his views on housing, except that when it comes to foreclosures, the government should butt out.


Romneys Fought for Lower Property Taxes for La Jolla, CA Home

The Republican presidential candidate and his wife reduced the property tax bill on their La Jolla, CA home by about $109,000 over four years.

Obama brunch - exterior

For Sale: Seattle Home Owned By Obama Brunch Hosts

President Obama is brunching at a home currently listed for $2.94 million.


White House Remedies For Veterans, "Responsible Homeowners" Called Limited Plan for Overall Housing Crunch

On Super Tuesday, as Republican presidential primaries are contested in 10 states, the White House took the opportunity to show […]

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