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11-24-15 950AM

Mortgage Rate Update

The rate borrowers were quoted on Zillow was 3.75 percent.


Rent Increases Slow as New Apartment Buildings Open

Thanks to additional inventory, annual rent appreciation slowed for the third month in a row.


The Down Payment Quandary: Trying to Save 20 Percent

After the down payment hurdle is cleared, mortgage payments tend to be lower than rent.


Mortgage Approval Easier for All Americans

Denial rates are down, with black borrowers showing the biggest jump in access to conventional mortgages.


Condos See High-Rise Growth in Value After Slow Recovery

Condo markets are heating up in many U.S. cities as first-time home buyers seek affordable urban living.


Short on Cash, More Buyers Turning to Family for Down Payment Help

High rents, tight credit availability and student debt leading to reliance on social networks for down payment funds.


20 Best Cities for Trick or Treating in 2015

San Francisco tops the list for fifth consecutive year, but several newcomers may surprise you.


Where Firefighters and Teachers Can Afford to Buy Homes

Zillow research points the way to the most (and least) affordable areas for five common occupations.


New Homes are Getting Bigger, and Lots Are Getting Smaller

The average new home has gotten 24 percent bigger over the past 15 years, while lots have shrunk 10 percent.

Baltimore townhomes

The Recession Is Over, But That Hasn't Meant Prosperity for All

As a majority of the U.S. markets increase in value, a select few struggle to keep up.

Interstate 95 north bound Miami-Dade County, Florida

The Fed Announcement: What It Means for Mortgage Rates and the Housing Market

Interest rates remain at historically low levels, pushing the long anticipated rate hike into the future.


Student Debt Has Minor Effect on Homeownership

As long as you get at least a four-year degree.


The Attainable American Dream? Not in These Major Tech Hubs

As housing costs skyrocket in these four big tech cities, fewer people are seeing a home purchase in their future.


Negative Equity Is Improving, but Condos Are More Likely to be Underwater

Underwater homes continue to surface, but condo owners are still more likely to owe more on their home than it’s worth.

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