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08-04-15 950AM

Mortgage Rate Update

The rate borrowers were quoted on Zillow Mortgages was 3.75 percent.

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High Rents Affecting Emergency Savings, Retirement, Down Payments

A number of cities’ rents are becoming increasingly unaffordable, leading to renters cutting back on everything.


High Rent Can Cause Cavities

As the cost of housing increases across the country, many people are skimping on health care to pay the rent.


Most Viewed Homes Under $1 Million

Check out 10 of the most popular listings on Zillow this spring.


Spread Out a Summer Spread in America's Biggest Backyards

Hosting an outdoor party this summer? Yards in the Atlanta suburbs are more than eight times bigger, on average, than lots in Baltimore.


You Could Be Making Money on Your Home ... and Not Even Know It

In most metros surveyed, homeowners underestimated how much home values had increased.


Where Do the Luckiest Home Buyers in America Live?

Homeowners in these 10 cities purchased their homes in the right place, at the right time.

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4 Ways to Tell How Fast Your Home Will Sell

Data help demystify why some homes sell faster than others.


Mortgage Rate Outlook Uncertain As Q3 2015 Begins

Experts are cautiously optimistic about mortgage rates for U.S. home buyers.

Source: Zillow Digs

5 Places Where Rising Rents Are Deepening the Rental Crisis

Find out where rents have outpaced home value growth the most.


Real Estate is Local Again

Instead of riding the wave of recovery, individual housing markets are responding to their local economics this home-buying season.

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Welcome to the Gayborhood: 1 in 4 Couples in These Neighborhoods Is LGBT

From Ohio to Florida, some may surprise you.


You Could Spend More Than $9,000 Per Year in Hidden Costs & Maintenance Expenses

From unavoidable expenses (think home insurance and property taxes) to optional pro services like carpet cleaning and lawncare, the costs of homeownership quickly add up.

Scott Lowe, Max Nussenbaum, Tim Dingman and Sean Jackson

Before & After: 4 Millennials Rescue a Detroit Home From Decay

They live and work from a house that cost $8,200 at auction.

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