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Rents Rising Faster Than Home Values

The last time this happened, home values were finally heating up after the housing bust. This time, they’re cooling off.

05-19-15 1005AM

Mortgage Rate Update

The rate borrowers were quoted on Zillow Mortgages was 3.77 percent.

East English Village residents Maureen Dritsan, Roland Leggett, Willie Bell, Kathy Roddie and Bill Barlage

Tour of Detroit Housing: The Good, the Bad and the Hopeful

Amid blight and tear-downs, Detroiters pull together to rebuild their proud city.

2015-05-07 08.54.28

Zillow Visits Detroit, a Proud City Learning to Rise Again

Home appraisals and creative lending products are key to bringing Detroit back, experts said at the latest stop on the Zillow Housing Roadmap tour.

Millennial buyers

Where Can Millennials Afford to Buy Homes?

This is the year young adults are taking the plunge, but their options are limited.


Even Inexpensive Homes Too Pricey for Many Workers

The incomes of low-paid workers are not keeping pace with rising home values.

Saluting flag resized

Joining Forces Shines Light on Veteran Homelessness

First Lady & Dr. Jill Biden: Everyone who has served America deserves a home in America.

For sale sign

Zillow Ranks Best Markets for Buyers, Sellers

Buyers on the East Coast and in the Midwest have the most negotiating power. West Coast sellers have the upper hand.


The Most Expensive Streets in America

From Florida to California, these streets are a world of their own.


The Highest and Lowest Property Taxes by County

The median property tax bill in 2013 was $2,132, but some U.S. counties were a lot higher or lower.


Why Don't You Buy a House Already? Lots of (Good) Reasons

Rents are high, but 20 percent of renters say they still prefer to rent; 53 percent say financial barriers keep them from buying.

Roadmap Seattle

Microhousing, NIMBYism at Zillow's Affordable Housing Roundtable

Four takeaways from the second stop on Zillow’s Housing Roadmap tour.

Property Market Rising

Newcomers Outpace New Housing in Least Affordable Rental Markets

In Los Angeles, only 187 new housing units were added for every 1,000 new arrivals.


Underwater Homeowners Sink Deeper

Home values rose 6.6 percent last year, but lower-tier homes dropped 3.2 percent in value.


Getting Mortgages Is Now Considerably Easier Than a Year Ago

Access to mortgages is about two-thirds of the way back to pre-housing crisis levels.

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