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Turn Your 30-Year Mortgage into a 25-Year Mortgage

Okay, I know this might sound like an infomercial, but it’s not.   Ramit, NYTimes best-selling author of I Will […]

Trend Reversal: Lock-In Bias Is Back

I wasn’t sure about the new trend of higher mortgage rates.  The nagging thought was that the Fed would continue […]

This One Is Dedicated To All You Loan Officers Out There

I always knew it was a fact, but I chose to leave it somewhere deep in the dark recesses of […]

Bernie Madoff's victims and Option Arm Mortgage Borrowers?

I read this column in the New York Times today and it brought to life a couple of very concrete […]

Getting Offers Accepted With VA Home Loans

I hosted a webinar tonight about VA home loans, targeted at REALTORS, to better help them understand: how to present […]

Welcome, Tommy Xintaris!

Please join me in welcoming Tommy Xintaris as our newest author on Mortgages Unzipped.  Tommy has over 9 years of […]

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