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Neighbors block party

5 Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbors

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a homebody, getting friendly with the folks next door will make your new house start to feel like home.


Everything You Need to Know About Employer Relocation Packages

Moving for work? Make sure you know exactly how much help you can expect from your employer.


What to Do If Your Home Isn't Selling

Buyers are wary of homes that have been on the market too long. No offers yet? It may be time to take action.

Fire Lookout-48

Preventing Forest Fires: What You Can Do

During one of the worst wildfire seasons in history, see ways to protect our homes and support firefighting efforts across the country.


Goodbye, Summer ... Hello, Savings

Summer may be made for relaxing, but if your lazy days included letting your financial goals slip, now’s the time to start getting back on track.


First-Time Home Buyer's Guide to Making an Offer

You’ve mastered the search process and know all the questions to ask at an open house. Now make sure you’re really ready to make your first offer.

Packing supplies

10 Essential Supplies for DIY Movers

Sure you’ll need boxes, but add in these other must-haves and you’ll be moving like a pro.


Safety Upgrades That Save You Money on Renters Insurance

Show your provider you’re a safe bet by taking steps to reduce the risk of a disaster occurring in your home.


How to Diplomatically Handle Disputes With Neighbors

Avoid the conflicts that can ignite major tension and even lead to lawsuits.


Preserving Personal Mementos and Children's Artwork

Get those summer souvenirs in order, and make a plan for handling the new school year’s awards and art projects. Organization expert DorothyTheOrganizer explains how to keep it all … without overwhelming your storage space.

Decorilla staging after_living room copy FEATURE

How to Stage a Home Everyone Will Want for Their Own

Prep your home for a quick sale with these tips for staging it to appeal to the widest audience.


5 Expenses Homeowners Pay That Renters Don't

Checking out your budget to see if you can afford homeownership? Be sure to include these five items in your calculations.


What Every Home Seller Needs to Know About Mortgages

Your home is staged to perfection, and you’ve got a terrific agent lining up showings. Now be sure you’ve got the financial angle of your home sale covered.


4 Tips for Selling a Home Far Away

Whether you’re in the next state or across the country, selling a home remotely can be tough. To pull it off, you’ll need to plan ahead and get some help from a local agent.


Move This, Not That: 10 Items to Get Rid of Before Your Next Move

Packing lighter can make settling into your new home a lot easier.

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