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Skeletons in the Closet: Buying and Selling a Home with a Notorious Past

When it comes to properties where murder and mayhem — or even less dramatic crimes — occurred, disclosure and due diligence are key.

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10 Things Non-Pittsburghers Might Not Know About the Steel City

Modern-day Pittsburgh may surprise you.

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Agent, Broker & Attorney: Understanding Their Roles in Your Real Estate Transaction

When it comes to completing a real estate purchase or sale, multiple parties come to the table. Here’s what each of them do.

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Can Shopping Around for a Mortgage Keep You from Getting One?

It never hurts to ask — or does it? Here’s what you need to know about how credit checks can affect your mortgage rate.


Real Estate Q&A: First Home & Earthquake Insurance

Real estate investor and Zillow Blog contributor Leonard Baron answers questions from readers regarding buying, selling and investing.

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Holiday Hazards: How to Avoid Insurance Claims

Take steps to protect against insurance claims that can dampen your holiday spirit.

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Who Should You Rent From?

Review the positives and negatives of management structures prior to searching for a rental property.

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Refinancing in a Volatile Rate Market: Get the Facts First

Think you’re ready to start the loan process? Don’t make a move until you’ve asked your lender these five questions.

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How Will Soaring Interest Rates Impact You?

Experts predict rising interest rates in the year ahead. Be prepared for how these changes could affect your finances.

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Condo Insurance: What's Best for Your Nest?

Don’t wing it when it comes to protecting your real estate investment. Condo coverage addresses your property’s unique needs.

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Full Disclosure: Reveal Your Home's Flaws to Speed the Sale

Cracks in the foundation? Leaky roof? If you want to sell your house, it’s best to be upfront and address its shortcomings.


Real Estate Q&A: Buying Property With Tenants & Investing in Real Estate Before College

Real estate investor and Zillow Blog contributor Leonard Baron answers questions from readers regarding buying, selling and investing.

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Rates Near 2014 Lows: What You Need to Know Before Locking In

A dip in mortgage rates has many home buyers and refinancers wondering how they can capitalize on current market conditions.


When It Comes to Home Buying, Location Is King

Shopping for a home? Stack the deck in your favor by choosing the location best suited to you.

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To Tell the Truth: Consequences of Lying to Your Insurance Agent

Take a lesson from Pinocchio: honesty is best for your policy.

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