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Fall, Holidays Still Prime Season for Sellers

The fall months are no longer a real estate dead zone, and there is still plenty of action happening after Labor Day through Christmas.


Homeownership Expenses You Might Not Anticipate

We asked a few financial bloggers to share their experiences and advice on the expenses of buying and owning homes.

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5 Risky Home Insurance Customers: Are You One?

You might be a risky insurance customer and not even know it. Here are a few types of customers who may raise red flags for home insurance providers.

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The Seller Won’t Negotiate: Time to Move on?

Unlike retail businesses, which price their products based on inventory levels and market conditions, each seller is independent and has different selling motivations.


Is Buying a Foreclosure or Short Sale Right for You?

Purchasing a foreclosure or short sale property may mean finding a great house at a reduced price. But you should be aware that there are often challenges along the way.

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Why You Should Get Off the Fence About Buying a Home

As the housing market continues to stabilize, you might be thinking more seriously about purchasing a home, right? Here are some reasons why it’s (still) a good idea to get off the fence — sooner, rather than later.

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6 Red Flags Your Home Inspector May Not Be Able to Detect

To get the most value from your home inspection, it’s important to know what’s outside an inspector’s scope.


What to Know Before Building a Guesthouse

Before building an accessory dwelling unit on your property, consider these legal, design and financial implications.

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Buying and Selling a Home – at the Same Time – in a Buyers’ Market

Buying a home can be a nerve-wracking experience, so can selling a home. Try to take on both tasks at the same time and you’re doubling the stress. Good news: Doing some advance planning can help reduce your number of sleepless nights.


Tips for Becoming a Mom-and-Pop Landlord

Thinking of renting out your home? There are many things to consider before you make the final decision.

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How Your Neighbors Can Help — or Hurt — Your Home’s Sale

The fact is, your neighbor’s unsightly property can rub off on your own house’s curb appeal, no matter how much you’ve done to improve it. But you have options.

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Buying and Selling a Home – at the Same Time – in a Sellers’ Market

Buying a home while selling a home — and trying to close both deals at the same time — requires great timing and coordination, a little luck and the understanding that at least one of the parties involved is probably taking a risk.

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From Antiques to Baseball Cards: How to Protect Your Collectibles

If you rely on your home insurance policy to completely safeguard your treasures, you could put them at risk.

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15 Things to Know Before Visiting Boston

Before you head to Beantown, consider these facts from locals who know firsthand what it’s like to live in Boston.