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From Antiques to Baseball Cards: How to Protect Your Collectibles

If you rely on your home insurance policy to completely safeguard your treasures, you could put them at risk.

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15 Things to Know Before Visiting Boston

Before you head to Beantown, consider these facts from locals who know firsthand what it’s like to live in Boston.


Should You Rent From a Friend?

To help determine whether ease of mind is worth jeopardizing close bonds, we asked eight personal finance specialists to weigh in on leasing to and from friends.

Ashville mountain home

How to Own a Vacation Home With Friends

Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you don’t turn your dream house into a nightmare.

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10 Listing Photo Do’s and Don’ts

The last thing you want to do is follow your agent’s advice about putting time and money into your listing photos. But if you don’t, your photos could turn out like some of these.

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Money-Saving Tip: Live Near a Fire Station

Having a highly rated fire department nearby can substantially reduce how much you’ll pay for home insurance, and every dollar you don’t put into your policy is a dollar you can devote to your home.


How to Live in Your Home While It’s on the Market

It is a delicate balance to have your home showing in its best possible light while also living there comfortably.

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Can Paying Off Your Mortgage Early Damage Your Net Worth?

Saving money seems like a no-brainer, but the answer that is right for you may be more complex.


3 Home Shopping Tips for Boaters

Consider these factors to ensure smooth sailing when searching for the perfect home for you — and your boat.


What to Do When Nightmare Neighbors Complicate Your Home Sale

It’s one thing for you to put up with your neighbor’s bad behavior. But what can you do about it now that you’re getting ready to sell your house?


How to Buy a Flipped House

If you’re buying a flipped house, consider taking the following steps to ensure you don’t get any unpleasant surprises after closing.


How You’ll Pay for Ignoring Home Repairs

Here’s a look at some common maintenance projects, their price tags and the potential cost of ignoring them.


Money-Saving Strategies to Build an Emergency Fund

We asked a few financially-minded bloggers for their advice on saving for emergencies.

Chicago patio

How Much Is Your Outdoor Space Worth?

Here’s a look at the factors that can determine the value of your outdoor space.

Honua Kai Resort & Spa

5 Things to Do Before Investing in a Hawaii Vacation Home

The Aloha State has long been a popular vacation spot, but the way people relax in paradise is changing.