Celeb Foreclosures: Erin Moran and Dustin Diamond (Again)

According to TMZ, two celebrities are facing foreclosure: Erin Moran who played “Joanie” on “Happy Days” and the spinoff,  “Joanie Loves Chachi” and Dustin Diamond, who played “Screech” on “Saved by the Bell.”

Erin Moran owed $315,000 on her Palmdale, CA house and lost it to foreclosure. It was sold at a public auction on Aug. 2, 2010 for $291,150. TMZ also reports that Moran continued to stay in the home during the proceedings and was recently served with eviction papers by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept.

Meanwhile, Diamond is facing foreclosure for the third time. Diamond first faced foreclosure in 2006 on his Port Washington, WI home and raised funds by selling t-shirts for $15  that said, “I paid $15.00 to save Screeech’s house.” Ultimately, Diamond didn’t need t-shirt sales to help him since he got an adjustable-rate mortgage to re-frame the loan and the foreclosure proceeding was dismissed. Then, in April, he fell behind in payments again, owing $290,000. The figure Diamond owes this time is $278,309.

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