Last August, we reported that Cher’s Malibu home was up for sale for $45 million. The place didn’t sell and according to the LA Times, Cher withdrew the listing in May, spending the past few months re-doing the interior.

Well, it looks like Cher is satisfied with the re-do; her home at 25142 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA is back on the market — this time for $41 million. So, in three months’ time, Cher’s house comes with a new interior and a price whack of $4 million. Anyone in the market for a 13,000+ sq ft home with 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a theater and a gym that sits on a 1.7 acre-Malibu bluff with a tennis court, an infinity pool and a guesthouse?

It is being listed by Hilton & Hyland.

In the meantime, Cher had better luck on the Big Island of Hawaii, selling her home in an auction on Jan. 18, 2010, for $8.72 million.

  • Matt Gentile

    Possibly the best and most entertaining Cher impersonator ever!

  • Brad

    the property looks good, but i doubt it is worth USD 41m under these circumstances. values of such high end properties are going to fall for next 20-30 yrs, until the US population rises substantially or there is a large influx of rich chinese businessmen and professionals from the mainland.

    anybody looking to buy such property, no matter how much the price is lowered, is looking for a guaranteed financial loss, as the price is going to fall for next 20-30 yrs, until the chinese gentlemen arrive from mainland.

    by the way, zillow says, “zestimate home valuations are within 10% of the selling price of the home”. even if that is true, i can assure you that the selling price is always lower than the zestimate.

    is zillow courageous enough to publish whats the percentage that the zestimate is below the selling price? zero, i would say.

  • Steve

    I find the home to be interesting. Reguardless of the owner or past owners, a home is a home to someone. Anyone with a large family or just wanting space would love a home like this. Value in these instances is placed on comfort, Security, and privacy. If some one is looking for a home of this stature with this environment, and has the financials in line, then this could be the Ideal get-a-way every day. Security, privacy and comfort are big factors for the jet setters…Just ask Cher…

  • Kieran Rodgers

    I agree with Steve, this will be a new home to someone. A home that they can afford because no one is putting themselves into a position of 100% failure. 41M is a starting point, zillow isn’t saying its selling full price today. I personally don’t think someone cares about 20 years from now about the value? Not in these types of scenarios, if the newspapers and professionals say to buy, people buy…. the question is who can handle this type of loan? My bank would love to be apart of this transaction! 631-316-7272, I handle high end properties and clients daily! What makes you think someone from the mainland is the only qualified buyer, we have some new booming industries and rock stars like Cher, they bank! Get it sold Cher!!! Believe like Cher!

  • Stagingworks

    Dian..this fact needs to get known by those home-sellers. Most of them find selling home very hard nowadays. Yet, they haven’t realized home re-do service or staging would help their way.

  • Vanessa

    Clearly there are only few potential buyers. One type of buyer is other movie stars, as they have the money and they like to buy houses owned by other stars (but preferably dead). Or a billionaire who likes the cachet of having a house previously owned by Cher. Anyway the point is that this kind of buyer is not as sensitive to the recession as regular buyers. And it takes time anyway.

  • DebtFree

    Kieran, do tell, what are these “new booming industries”?

  • casey

    i want to buy it. think she will accept $122,500 ? that is all the money i have. can someone who knows Cher please talk to her and beseech her to accept my offer ? she can afford to accept it.

  • tammy

    you all are crazy. that home is beond your wildest dreams i would bet on it…and is worth every dime im sure.

  • Sandra

    I don’t thin Cher’s house is worth that much at all. I don’t care who she is or any other celebrity, if anyone in their right mind purchases that house, or one like it, they will sooner or later be in deep crap. As mentioned above, even with the mega money someone may have, it will only go down in value as time goes on. The market still has a long way to go until it gets back on it’s feet, including Ca. even in it’s most prestigous areas. Look at what Hugh Hefner had to do, sell his house next door from his mansion for almost half of what he was asking, originally it being $22,000,000.

  • S Clark

    A house on the ocean?? And in Malibu?? And 13,000 sq ft?? By far one of the largest homes in Malibu with all the security to protect a President. Yea – no matter what real estate values do elsewhere, it is worth every cent of $41M. My quetsion is – where are you moving to?? — to France like every one else?

  • Andy

    You think she (Cher) could help her daughter and wife out? Have you seen the dump that wife and wife are living in?

  • Jim

    Here’s my question–Why was the tax rate at 59,000. in 2009? For the 41,000,000. price tag, should it not be about 400,000. in tax every year? Riddle me!! Maybe this is one reason why governments are alcking money

  • Jonah

    I think Steve needs to go back to the mainland.
    Real Estate is to buy and live in or to buy and sell?
    Cher’s home is spectacular with the recent alterations that she’s made (and she really didn’t have to do it). It was fine the way it was.
    It’s worth more than she’s asking, you jokers can just not comment where you’re nose can’t go.
    Serious buyers will buy this home soon, the market is slow but it will sell at no lower than her asking price.



  • Lani

    The home is worth the asking price as this type of home is not your everyday kind of home and the home will sell to someone who is a millionaire like Cher….

  • Katie Singleton

    Cher You Don’t Have To Sell The Stupid House Of Yours. Katie Singleton

  • Rose Lee Millovich

    Way, way to gaudy for me!!!! It looks like a museum. How could you possibly feel cozy and comfy in this place. Cher has taste for _____!!!!!! I love her to death, but she just has bad taste, in clothes, homes and “some” men!!!!!

  • Emir

    Whenever I pass through this house while going to Paradise cove, I always point it to whoever riding next to me. It is just marvelous.

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