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If you’re house-training a puppy and plan on being away from home for hours every day, try building an indoor playroom for your dog. These rooms are a lot more comfortable than small crates, and if the room is equipped with toys and amenities, your puppy will thank you for it.

After you remove all of the furniture from a room in your home, you can use an online self-storage finder to locate an affordable storage unit nearby.

Once the room is vacant, it’s time to make some renovations. Depending on the dog’s age, you may want to install a doggy door, preferably one that leads outside into a gated area where your dog can play and relieve himself. If you don’t build a doggy door, you’ll need a doggy toilet, and it’s usually best to keep this as far from the dog’s sleeping quarters as possible.

Inside the room, you need food and water, chew toys and a great deal of ventilation. In fact, you may have to install a large window if the room doesn’t already have one. If you are going to be walking through the room frequently, it may make sense to place the dog’s play area in the corner of the room. Also, make sure you have tile or hardwood flooring in this room, as this will make it easier to mop up the inevitable accidents.

If your dog likes to watch television, you can set up a TV and leave it on Animal Planet.

Rugs, padded beds and pillows are nice amenities, especially if your dog is a burrower.

Indoor playrooms are a great alternative to crates. They ensure that your dog is in a comfortable, yet contained environment. With an indoor playroom, you can rest assured that your dog is entertained and your furniture isn’t getting ruined while you’re at work.


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