Dear Santa,

I am writing you this letter a little early this year because I know that it will take your elves a little while to put my present together.

You should be so proud of me… I have been accepted to Arizona State University! Mom and Dad say that I have to live in the dorms during summer school, but I really, really want to have a place of my own right next to the new Phoenix light rail and I am hoping you can help me.

Because no matter what Mom and Dad say, the dorms just aren’t as cool as they were back when you were in college.

Don’t these look cute? I mean, what incoming freshman wouldn’t get straight A’s and have a great tan with one of these places to call home?

Ok, thanks for letting me write my letter early this year. Oh, and thanks for getting me exactly what I wanted each and every year for the last 18 years! You are the best.



Class of ’09 at XHS!

If You Are Santa Claus: The FHA Kiddie Condo Program Is Something To Consider

For all of the Santa Claus’ out there who are also interested in getting a return on their investment after their kids graduate college… the FHA “kiddie condo” program may be a wise choice.

The FHA Kiddie Condo program is really just a regular FHA program with a nickname – because it allows non-occupant co-borrowers. This means that parents can purchase a condo using their credit and their income but are not required to live in the property – only the co-borrower is required to live in the property.

The property is not considered to be a second home or an investment property. Because of this, the interest rates are the same as the regular FHA loan programs.

Lastly, the FHA Kiddie Condo program allows the occupant to charge rent to roommates.

When was the last time Santa Claus actually was able to calculate a monthly cash flow on whatever-it-is-he-got-the-kids-for-Christmas?

Ho, ho, ho… Never.

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