There’s an interesting debate in Zillow Advice involving a woman who is selling her house via FSBO (For Sale by Owner). A buyer’s agent saw the house, asked if his client could see it and she agreed. The next day a lowball offer came in, which the woman refused. The agent then asked the woman to sign a document saying that if his client did end up buying the property that she would have to pay him a 3% commission.

The question: Did she have to sign this agreement?

Seven answers have come in (at this writing) and all but one are from real estate agents — the lone non-pro answer came from the ever-active Sunnyview. All answers were very good and each offered a different perspective.

Most agents felt the document should have been signed before he brought his client over. Some said that is a tactic some unscrupulous agents take — to feign they have a buyer with the hopes of getting their foot in the door and possibly get the listing if and when the FSBO approach doesn’t work. And yes, all said it would benefit her to hire a Realtor to get the job done.

Thoughts about what happened?

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