Report Says Deepak Chopra Wants To Feel Really Good About Where He Lives

There’s spiritual health and then there’s the slightly less divine realm of real estate nirvana, but when it comes to the place where Deepak Chopra will live, there appears to be an splendid intersection of the two.


According to the New York Post, the author will be moving into one of the most forward-thinking and health-wise apartment buildings in all of Manhattan. Chopra is said to be buying a $14.5 million unit at the health-centric Delos building.

The 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom unit is in the same building where Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly purchased a residence late last year.

The Greenwich Village building is a pioneering effort by Wellness Real Estate and has set the standard for New Age architectural design and amenities.

According to Curbed, each of the building’s five units offer acoustic dampening floors, antimicrobial coating on high-touch surfaces, and EMF shielding to protect residents from electromagnetic fields, amongst a slew of other amenities.

What makes this unit so healthful? Well, there are Siberian oak floors “constructed to gently support your posture.” There are individually programmed circadian lighting systems to allow you to gradually adjust to the light of the day. There are in-duct aroma therapies for mood enhancement.

Get the picture? Clearly, Mr. Chopra does, since he is said to serve on the building’s advisory board.


Laura Vecsey is a freelance writer for Zillow Blog. Read more from her here.