In Detroit, you don’t have to go all the way to Boston to see the Green Monster. You can drive to Brian Pelione’s house on Holden Drive in Warren, Michigan, and see a replica of Fenway Park’s unique left field, complete with the ever-faithful Citgo sign and McDonald’s billboard.

While playing many robust games of home run derby with his kids on their front lawn, using makeshift walls and boundaries, Pelione vowed to one day build a “real wall.” In 2007, with the help of his brother, some neighbors and friends, they set out making a smaller-scale Green Monster. Even though Pelione is a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, he wanted to build the Green Monster due to it uniqueness and, truth be told, Pelione has a soft spot for the Red Sox, as he grew up watching Carl Yastrzemski and Jim Rice. So, the Green Monster it was.

Pelione says the neighbors love it and grown men show up and want to “hit a few.” The Green Monster covers the entire front of Pelione’s house and is erected seasonally.

(Photo courtesy Detroit Free-Press)

  • laura vecsey

    a mind is a terrible thing to waste

  • laura vecsey

    and that’s “Mohnstah”

  • Cynthia Tilleman

    Well, the first thing that comes to mind is he probably is not married. The second thing is, I am glad I am not trying to sell his neighbors house.

  • MiamiCondoShop

    Wonder who will build a replica of the new Yankee Stadium? That person will need to have deep pockets.

  • 100% Mortgage

    Ooh thats different!

  • 100% Mortgage

    That wasn’t at all what I was expecting, I’m slightly dumstruck!

  • Kelley

    Actually, from a person born and raised in Mass and a die hard Red Sox fan, it is spelled Monstah, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you pronounce it correctly. I love this!!!

  • Don Ciaravino

    Say goodbye to whatever little property value you neighbors had. What an idiot.

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