Ah, neighbors — you either love ‘em, you put up with them, or – yes– you even hate them. Last week, the Inman blog had a post about a Noisy Neighbor from Hell (subscription wall, sorry). And just this week, an oldie but goodie was making the e-mail rounds in which a neighbor war in Utah led one neighbor to install a vent on his house in the shape of the middle finger salute (photo above). He would not remove it until his neighbors apologized. They did and he did.

Both of these stories brought back bad memories of my own noisy, rude, obnoxious neighbor who moved in next to me here in Seattle about 4 years ago. Like any city parcel, the lots are small and the eaves of the houses nearly touch — that’s how tight things are. So when our dear, reliable, responsible, smart, courteous neighbor sold her house and moved, she sold it to someone who is her polar opposite: rude, inconsiderate, and vulgar. Our new neighbor was a single mom, was about 20-something and had a young, 4-year-old daughter about our daughter’s age.

  • The first thing my neighbor-from-hell did was install a 6-foot stockade-style fence around her property with the “nice side” facing her property. Isn’t that a no-no?
  • Up until 1 a.m. most nights, she would sit on the steps of her front porch — with 2-3 friends — and drink wine and smoke cigarettes, laughing and talking as if no one else existed. Our bedroom happened to be in front, right above this nightly party and we could hear EVERYTHING as the cigarette smoke wafted through our bedroom window. When we asked if she would keep it down or move inside, they became belligerent, vulgar, and even louder.
  • One night while taking my trash out to the back yard, I heard grunting coming from her backyard and yup, you got it, she was having sex with her boyfriend on the back deck that was high enough not to be blocked by her stockade fence. I should’ve just run for my camera, but somehow my first thought was, “We need to move.”

We did eventually move for job reasons, but when I hear others tell their bad neighbor stories, my stomach churns with the same, sickening feeling I had with my neighbor-from-hell. It was so bad I never wanted to come home from work, which is pretty bad! Maybe that “Make My Neighbor Move” feature suggestion wasn’t so far-fetched after all.

P.S. I wish I had this guy to help counsel me. Lots of hellish stories here…

  • Irene McCarthy

    Burning garbage is not allowed anywhere. But the people who think it’s okay scare me. The authorities would be here a few moments and when they leave a group of very angry drunk men would be left directing their anger at me. The other neighbors are sick of it too. One of them called their landlord who said that he is trying to evict them, but they are fighting it so it might be a few months. Sigh. Thank you for a place to vent, some of the stories here made me feel like my neighbors are just from heck.

  • D H

    We have neighbors that put their sprinklers on their pasture and leave them run. It then fills the ditch and when that overflows it either runs into our patio and up against the house (up to 4 inches of water one time!) or goes out the ditch we had to dig across the driveway to drain out into the street farther down. We’ve talked and talked, tried to be nice but just today they put their sprinklers on again and sprayed our front door. This time they moved them right away but you’d think that after being asked that many times they would know where NOT to put them. It’s very frustrating and we’ve tried to be nice. It’s not helping. I’d move but I don’t have anywhere to move to…

  • James

    Reading your story I understood, that we aren’t alone in our trouble. Our neighbor is making night parties 2-3 times a week, but it’s not the worth. She likes to make sex at the outside and to moan loudly within the process. At the beginning it was even funny, but till this moment we all are sick and tired of this. I even don’t know what to do?

  • Palmdale homes

    Bad neighbors. Some of the worst neighbors you can get are my ex-neighbors back when I lived in an apartment. They lived directly above us. They partied, drank, wrestled, played loud music, etc., almost every day.

    When I complained, they keyed my car, so I called the cops on them. Not long after, they called the cops on me because they saw some scratches on their car. The police officer didn’t believe them because the key scratches were dusty! Obviously, they were old scratches and I didn’t do them. Tough luck, old neighbors!

  • Frugal

    Neighbors from hell? YUP! Hows about the 2 next to me? They would constantly let their dogs SHIT all over my back yard, even after I asked them very nicely on numerous occassions to pick it up. The last time I very nicely asked, no i actually pleaded by saying “we are supposed to be friends and this is becoming an issue” the little friggin witch caught an attitude and told me “I said I’ll do it! Thanks for calling!” and slammed the phone down! Then they would park their cars in my driveway cause they are too lazy to walk across the street where there is plenty of parking available whenever they thought I wasn’t home. I had other neighbors call me at work to tell me and when I caught them their response was “we didn’t think you were home!” But they still continued to do it when I was at work and the tow of them even caught an attitude when I put a “NO PARKING” sign in my driveway. They will also walk all over my front lawn whenever they feel like it. I caught the little witch doing so a couple of weeks ago back and forth to her mother across the street and when she came back across I opened the window and said to her very nicely “Mandy, please stop walking across my lawn” Her bitchy response to me was “give me a f’ing break! Shut Your Mouth! Zip It! I don’t want to hear another word out of your mouth! Zip It! Zip It Zip It!!!!! I don’t hear anything lalalalalalala” My response to her was that she needs to learn respect for others and that maybe if she had some for others they would have some for her!

    Can you beleive it? They think they are going to dictate to me what I will allow and won’t allow on MY OWN property? Now I know what she ment when they first moved here when she said “I’m so glad we have nice neighbors, we didn’t getting along with our last neighbors” (at the “trailer park”). Need I say more? SOME PEOPLE THESE DAY HAVE A LOT OF CAJONES!!

  • http://none Christina

    to tell my story is the most worst upseting story.I moved to carmichael,ca.What a nutty town.Before i moved out here,i knew something was wrong with it.I checked online to just see it’s history.It’s town crime rate is like a 9.This is a 9 out of a 10.It mine as well fly off the chart as a ghetto.I moved out here june 22,02.We were moving in and my neighbors tried to run up in our uhaul van and steal our property.Already,talking shit and waiting for us to arrive.They had drinks in their hand acting crazy.Their name is andrews.This isn’t no slander ,this is detailed and true.I have never met some crazy psychos like that before and i have had alot of crazy neighbors.They basically didn’t want us living here.So at night when we came at like 10 pm.Their was a group of white trash,dirty guys,bums,waiting and staring.They had a green car parked in our driveway with rust on it.That they washed and it belonged to some landlord across the street.They left a rust stain that permantly stayed.They then said shit like”don’t live here,cuss words and gang poser shit talk.Later i went to water the yard and cynthia son anthony said’im’a kick the bitch in her back”He is on crack and pot so it was used for a halfway home at the withdraw and shit.I basically hated these people.Their one dog barked all the time.They actually said’actack the bitch”when i went outside.The hound ran at me to bite me.Thankfullly it didn’t.So to finally get even it ran after the bastard son.They later threw crap at my windows.Like balls and rocks.They lied told my stupid neighborhood that they were the victims.The cops came.they lied to them.The cops don’t do their job,so they got away with it all.They have been sited for other shit,like robbery,assult,and public indoxication outside.When we got a seized and desist through a attorney.The mother was pissed when she signed and she came out drunk yelling shit like bitches and assholes.Before that my dad got a check they tried to steal it,but couldn’t cause my dad had to sign for it.They stole mail,property and other stuff.I hate them i hope they go to hell.I see like angels and shit.But i seen like horn creatures behind them.They tried to say they would burn our house down.Then they told their neigbhor steelman a bunch of lies and shit,cause they are crazy too.So they started shit with us.Blarring music till your ears are sore everyday,headaches,non stop music.Saying my mom is retarded.Saying they would blow the house up.We got burn marks in our garage where they opened their water heater,her daughter ariel and kori and even friends harrassed me online.Saying i molest children which i don’t.She told me i lie harrass people and bully them online.She also thought i had a boyfriend,so she said she wanted to sleep with him and use him and dump him.I seen her in rancho cordova prostituting.Getting into guy’s cars,people yelling ho at her.Also in my neighborhood.I caught her in her pool.dirty with bacteria having sex with two guys at once.With her cousin and other guys.She is a slut.She said to me “don’t come back here were having sex,go away girl.I am an adult this bitch thinks i am 16.I saw a kid see her so it is indecindent exposture.Then when they said through the wall “you fucking assholes you move out”it wasn’t enough so they destroyed their landlords property.I hate crazy people.They do shit to piss you off and stomp on your feelings.She also broke into accounts of mine like email,my own webpage.I had to delete it cause she had anthony and some a holes do it for her.Cause she is fucking lame.She had some assholes do it,cause i saw them through a window doing it.They finally shut it.They stole shirts two i only paid $20 each.They swear like it is $50 a peice.I now trust no one cause of them,they messed that part of me up.I now think their are no good people in this world.I hope god gets them and hurts them.They tell neighbors my family touched a kid named william.We never did, i don’t understand why someone with no heart would do that.Christ sakes,i have lots of friends elsewhere,but further away.They will tell you i am a nice person.I am not very social,so i don’t understand it.I was wondering any advice though how to seek some revenge but not stoop to their level.I threw trash back on their side.They moved away and i want anyone who lives near them to beaware is all.They are so crazy.Their daughters would stomp around all night and yell.My dad went over there one night and steelman was having a cocaine party.Their was drugs,booze and 20 people.We told them to keep it down were trying to sleep it is midnight.Kristy said your hullucingating it”and slammed the door on my sisters face and shut it.They later cut all the power on their box.And cut two cords.They did water damage filled the tub,plugged it and it leaked up to their knees.Their stupid they had to walk in it.They planned that and said it was a accident.Bullshit,they planned it.They were laughing and the bitch daughter said” i hope their side is flooded out.Their so stupid it was dry.Only the carpet bumped up.She also said to my sister do you have to watch 9/11 again”who cares people died”.She must be a terrorist.Then she got the neighborhood together had some pettition to get rid of us but it backfired.Their stupid,they think they deserve 100,000 settlement.My dad doesn’t work anymore and is getting ready to go.We are poor,they live off of welfare,my area so i think someone is smoking too much crack and doing meth.I live in a drug ran block.I think my story is the worse.I hope no one runs into them they are crazy when they go out even.The daughter told me you can’t shop in savemart i own it.The manager told her to shut up and said you are a bagger.I think the term fits of a hobagger.Lol.She is a crackheaded nut.They think they deserve money to pay off their debt.They go around acting like they own this town.Kristy came by awhile back with her bitch daughter going who is your landlord i am going to sue him and you people.She then cussed me out and sped out.I seen her drive backwards and growl like a dog.She told me she was on meth.So i don’t know what her problem is.Neighbors from behind us threw rocks and golf balls. I heard her asshole boyfriends say i got 100 golfballs to throw.Thankgosh we only have 25 but threw them away.I can’t believe one asshole dad had the nerve to knock on our door and demand for them back.We didn’t even go out there cause his eyes were tweeking like on dope.I hate my neighborhood.I pretty much can’t go outside.People around here are crazy,they keep saying you called the cops on us.I wonder why that would happen,dumbasses.I have been at these apartments,some guy that used to bum in andrews house said he would shoot us for walking on his block.I had my mace ready,it was over kittens that were abandoned by someone’s cat.Breeding in the wild.I wish cops would move in over here and stead of further away.Sometimes i hear steelman come back in their red suv,make lies,rumors and gossip.They are so stupid and crazy.Kristy’s husband dwayne divorced her and called her a fat,lazy cow.She would act like a 3 year old.I will never give these people a dollar of money.They harrassed us,now they want money.I am sorry to say where does that make sense?I wish no one else meets her i send my smypanthy if they have.

  • Michael F

    My neighbors are unbearable. We are the only brown people living amongst whitey. Many of them smoke marijuana and engage in alcohol intoxication. They don’t use Christianity as an opium so they turn to the bottle instead. Because they drink so much, their sobriety appears like drunkenness to the normal individual. We have to tolerate their neanderthal behavior. They only hang around their own race. So, naturally, they often accuse others of racism. We keep to ourselves and respect their white oasis. I have no problem with that. However, after attaining puberty and a paycheck, suddenly they discovered my existence. Some of of them don’t work. They are porch monkeys that stare at people all day and cause trouble by spreading rumours, slander, and outright lies about others. And, of course, this one lady has taken a liking to me. Because she cannot use me, her frustration has fuelled an aggression. She sits by her window for hours staring into our house and when she sees me outside, she makes strange noises to get my attention. Because I mind my own business, she is offended. You know the type. People who really don’t like you will ignore you and try to keep contact as minimal as possible. Not this lady. She hates the fact that she lusts for me so now she does everything in her power to hurt me. And I’ve never had a conversation with her or said anything negative about her. One time, I went out to water my lawn and she jumped out of the house, sat down near me, and stared directly at me for about an hour. It felt like rape. There are a few more like her. Some of the men are literally Beavis’ and Buttheads. None of the neighbors appear to read or vote. But worst of all, whenever they come into contact with me, they are incapable of not being violent, aggressive, abusive, or rude. They just have this itch to be jerks. As time goes on, the malicious slander becomes more vile. Now this has been the situation with my neighbors but it wasn’t like this for all the years prior. We still have some nice people here. But the “good” people are usually weak, cowardly, and always silent when abuse happens. I just wish things were like they were before. Sometimes you just want to be alone. Why is that such a crime?

  • nate

    Well, our neighbors are bad enough that we started a blog about them and the yard. We share a duplex with them, and it seemed like after telling our stories of their trashiness to so many friends and coworkers that we had to have some way to document everything that was happening. The venting has actually been fairly therapeutic and it does make for some interesting conversation.

  • Destiney Fischer

    Thanks for this article :) it’s nice to know I am not alone :) oh the joys of being a home owner! :D

    Thanks again

  • Suze Valois

    We were good neighbors, trying to be as quiet as possible, even though we are jazz musicians (we practice without a drummer, though, most of the time. We checked with all our neighbors, paced off the legal limit for noise, etc. We keep our cars parked off the street, etc. We were harassed by our next door neighbor to keep moving my daughter’s car when she went away to school (there’s a city ordinance that a car has to be moved .2 of a mile every 72 hours). That’s when her car was broken into, just small things stolen (a non working cell phone, an MP3 player, a nice professional cosmetics carrier).

    Three years ago someone stole our credit card number and ordered two cell phones to an apartment in a particular city out of state. At a party, while drinking more than she should have, the neighbor who kept calling about the car mentioned that her daughter and son-in-law had moved to an apartment in this same city. Needless to say, we were suspicious.

    Suspicious enough to be very careful about all our credit cards, putting fraud alerts on them, getting a particular card for travel or online purchases and having it funded as an ATM, not credit card, keeping the balance low.

    Thank goodness, because on the very day we left on our last vacation (and ONLY these neighbors saw us, as we were worried about anyone in this neighborhood knowing we were gone), someone used that card to order several things that this neighbor would just love to have (like a very expensive wrinkle cream). All rush ordered or promised overnight delivery. We were camping in a remote area (and they know we go every year) so did not find out until our return. Called the police, they said this happens quite a bit, when the stuff comes to your actual door (all of the online vendors required the CVV2 number since they were reputable vendors, and therefore our address HAD to be used), the police say SUSPECT A NEIGHBOR.

    Well, make in May when that particular card arrived, not only did we have several pieces of mail torn open (including letters from the IRS and state tax board – someone was hoping for checks; year before daughter’s refund check was stolen), but SOMEONE entered our back yard by hopping the fence and flipped the power off, so that the mail pilfering could be done without our security camera catching it). Not only did this turn off the security camera, but it reset our modem, so that anyone could use the now-unsecured wireless router when it all came back on.

    We began to keep track of these “power outages” and to check with Edison and other neighbors. It was just us. It always coincided with times these neighbors were home (somehow they have enough money to spend several months a year in Europe, which is interesting). It took awhile for us to realize what as going on. We got a new router, of course (this one stays secured even when restarted) and put a lock and seal on the electrical box.

    We shared our suspicions with the police, as we began to realize that as we talked to other neighbors, a whole bunch of us had either had identity theft (some in the thousands and thousands of dollars), others had physical theft, often while on vacation. Both houses on either side of the suspects (ours and one other) have been broken into and jewelry stolen.

    We have several security cameras, but no battery back-up, so we need to do that. The amount of time this is taking is amazing.

    Meanwhile, the neighbor, who looks a lot like Santa Claus, installed a SOLAR security camera on his massive RV (which he uses to sit in and watch our comings and goings). He also installed 8 cameras just this week, three of them aimed ONLY at OUR property, including our back yard. When we realized this, we were in the back yard in our PJ’s and we both got really pissed and yelled in the direction of their bedroom. Sure enough, they got their mother, aunt and uncle, who all live nearby, plus themselves to call the police. While I yelled louder, the police warned (did not cite, but recorded the offense) my husband that loud yelling is disturbing the peace and he is not to yell again.

    The Old Witch (Santa’s mother in law) walks past our house several times a day. If I’m in the front yard alone, she’s over within 45-60 seconds (they have CCTV trained on our front yard, sometimes she’s in their house, sometimes she’s watching from her own nearby house). She walks slowly by, sometimes using profanity, always insulting me, my yard, my looks, calling me lazy, whatever she feels like (none of them is employed, I work two jobs, my husband works three jobs). This is captured on our security camera, but we’d have to get it edited and organized to show the police, and even then, the police will likely do nothing. This whole group (and their friend across the street) all brag that they are friends with all the local policemen and that the police will never take our side. Sort of looks like that may be true, so we may have to contact county authorities and file a lawsuit.

    This morning, I went out to my trash area (where I know they have been pilfering information) and once again one of them was right there. The other night, I went outside, heard someone rustling in the bushes, our dog was with me, and as the dog ran to the rustler, out pops Mrs. Claus (who looks more like Peter Pan a la aging Mary Martin but not as cute), running back to her house, all of this recorded on THEIR security camera, because we don’t have any cameras aimed at our trash or their house (we tried to be decent, our cameras patrol our driveway and our mailbox).

    We’re told the cameras pointing into our back yard are a civil matter and we will have to file a civil suit to get them to take them down. We thought of a simpler solution. We have decided to be more ecological and hang our laundry on a clothes line. By installing it at the point their camera looks over our fence, we have effectively given their camera a view of old T-shirts.

    Police said, “Do not yell or talk to them, install a privacy screen.” So we did that the very next day, and boy are they puzzled by it. We’re decorating it on both sides with sayings about art, goodness and honor.

    Santa Claus drinks a lot and when drunk, is a Nazi/skinhead sympathizer, which has always irritated us. He is an ignorant old fool, I think it’s Peter Pan Woman who orchestrates all this (with her mother).

    After our last identity theft we woke up two weeks later to a story in the newspaper about county employees possibly engaging in various kinds of fraud (related in fact to the more publicized problems in Bell). The county employee being audited and called to task was new, only employed 3 years. Guess who held that position right before him?

    Yep, Peter Pan Woman. Who, after retiring at age 55 from that job, earned the trust of a bunch of women who work out with her at the gym and was (until she was kicked off for reasons not made public) on the Board of Trustees for our local credit union (despite having taken county money OUT of that CU and sent it overseas…yes, to the very places they vacation).

    So we’re thinking we’re just a minor situation in her larger playbook, but she knows we’ve put it together. It’s a bit scary, because who knows who they are connected to (and if they’re really responsible for all the ID theft in our immediate neighborhood, we’re talking 100,000’s of dollars). To be under 24 hour surveillance by these people, even in our private yard, is spooky.

    Thanks for listening. Next time you see neigbhors doing weird stuff like we’ve done (sudden privacy fences, six no trespassing signs, and chalk art on the side walk spelling out some of the Ten Commandments and providing some of our favorite poems), don’t always think THAT neighbor is the crazy one. Yeah, we yelled some stuff at them the night we found the camera pointed into our yard (and both of us had to worry about whether I was properly dressed – I went outside twice in a short night gown, in places I expected privacy). However, the police say it is MY responsibility to increase my privacy with…fences.

    So I think I’ll make another little poster, with that saying…what is it?? Good fences make for good neighbors?

  • rodney@building a new home

    I have a couple of neighbors from hell. I love the photo.

  • gail conner

    a year ago i reported my neighbors for barking dogs. i tried once to reason with them then it happened again and i called the police. two days after that they began harassing me with some thing. i would wake up to silence and have a dull headache, then i would turn my head over to doze back off to sleep and guess what? my ability to doze was completely blocked each time for at least two hours. this continued for months. i would go to room to room to get away from it but could not. finally i lay down one night in my bathroom with two sofa cushiions thinking that if i got away from the windows (this bathroom had no windows) i might could be safe. that night the room was so cramped i couldn’t even to pretend to sleep. i lay there for several hourse i guess, then all of a sudden fear began in my throat and traveled down to my gut. it was like feeling stage fright. that was the only night that i felt that and the only night i stayed on the floor. finally, i told my other neighbor and told here that i had talked with the planning commission and i could put up no harassment signs all the way up and down my driveway and point them in the direction of this neighbor’s house. unfortunately, i forgot that this neighbor had known the family for years (the original parents had lived next door to me for years without incident and then had given the house to their daughter after they bought a condiminium. apparently this neighbor shared what i said because the following sunday i was actually (blown away). i had noticed that the neighbors had taken off in their van (they have a small daughter). then i noticed that their suv was not only parked across the street but way down at the corner. this left one of their living room windows directly facing my house without obstruction.
    I was sitting in my den at my computer on this sunday afternoon when i began to feel uncomfortable then all of sudden i bolted out of the room, into my garage and into the back of my car. i immediately called my brother and asked if i could stay with his family. though disoriented somewhat i drove the 30 miles to his house. i told him that i thought with a good night’s rest i would be ok. but the next day i could not walk very well. each step i took, it seemed as if was bouncing. i thought these people had permanently hurt me. he took me to the urgent care center where, of course, it would be impossible to explain the wherefores of my sitution. i have not been back to spend the night since except with a friend who was helping me pack up my belongings. i am having to sell the house at a god awful loss since i can’t realistically explain what they are doing to me. as best i can determine, they are using some sort of deer repellent (on the day i fled the house). or during the night they used ultrasonic zaps of some sort. i spoke to a private investigator and he said that this was possible. in reading about repellents, some of them said (if used properly) or somethiing else indirect that would lead one fo the suspicious about (if not used properly). Please someone help me with this issue. i really don’t have the money for a private investigator and these people have done me such physical and financial harm. i will anxiously wait to hear from you…

  • Jo

    I have a neighbor who has her sump pump draining right into our yard. Everytime it rains she floods our yard and laughs about it. The she was putting her garbage in front of our gate because she said it stunk too much to put near her house. Several times the garbage was piled up so high that I couldn’t see the front of our house. So I asked her very politely to please stop putting her garbage in front of our house. She said “Fine” quite snippy and then never did. So I moved it onto her property myself. And she stopped talking to me for 2 years. It was the best 2 years! But this past summer she started talking to us again so I decided to let it go and be nice to her and forget the past. However yesterday she told our other neighbor that we were nasty and cursed out their dad who has alzhiemers. Which is completely untrue. He came to our door lost and we calmly and sweetly escorted him to the safety of his home with the care we would give our own dad would he have alzheimers. So the other neighbors came over threating to beat us up and other things – cursing us out like animals. We were agasp! We were nothing but nice to our neighbors for the past 8 years we have lived there. Its a nightmare to live in this neighborhood with such evil low life neighbors.

  • Anon

    We just moved from an apartment with an idiot neighbor who was a diva about the driveway and another in the middle of a mid-life crisis. Mr. Driveway was the world’s worst driver and had this 10 y/o neon that he bragged about endlessly. He would freak out if anyone parked near him, which was impossible to avoid because the driveway was so small. He backed his car up into another neighbors truck one night and actually woke me up to tell me that I had to pay for the damage because my car “was too close to get around”. My car was 20 feet from this moron’s car. Needless to say, I had a good laugh about that! The other neighbor, Mr. Mid life crisis, would have parties where he was the ONLY guest. Yes, he partied alone. He would party on almost every work night by blasting music until midnight and he would sing along until he passed out. Often, he would drunkenly go outside and rev his motorcycle again and again on the pathway to the house at the start of each party. Wow. All I could do was laugh and find a new place!

  • linda

    I got all of you beat! I live with my elderly mom and dad, helping them out one of them is a parapallic which means they can’t move at all! The other is getting to old to do certain things. We moved from a quiet, nice neighborhhod to the neighborhood from hell. Our new crazy neighbors watch my home all the time, and I was like wtf? are the cassing the place for a robbery? they have loud barking dogs, throw stones, and golfballs at my windows, steal my mail, threaten my family, play loud music, then they sit in their driveways at night and point at my house. They even said my whole family mollessed their kid um crazy my family is disabled they cant even walk, or get up in the mourning! I have called the cops like 25 times they do nothing by the way thats when I realised I had to do something I fought back! I maced one of the crazy physo when they tried to break into my garage to steal my car, told one of the nuts I was going to kick their crazy ass back to the mental hospital where they belong! And when they decided that they were going to kick my garage all night long I told the nuts I was going to go back inside get my bat and beat them up. After that no one has kicked my garage. Free advice calling the cops does not i recommend that you deal with each nutty issue that comes up in fact by doing this two of these crazy’s actually moved away, and the ohter nuts got the point. I am glad that I decided to take care of my mom and dad by staying image if they would have had to deal with these people all on their own.

  • Llorna

    Right now I rent and share a duplex with a weird family. They have 3 kids 6, 4 and 2 years of age. The dad works shift. The mom stays at home with the kids. They have one car, and when he is working he takes the car, leaving her in the middle of no where’s in a 2 bedroom duplex with 3 kids and no vehicle. The oldest is in grade one,( and thankfully doesnt go to the same school as my 6 year old daughter.)
    During the day the mom and younger kids sleep…all day, except to drop off or pick up the oldest from the bus. when she does pick up the oldest from the bus stop she leaves the youngest 2 in the house by themselves. So the little ones never get to see the light of day. And then when the dad is on night shift, I dont think the oldest one gets to school all that much. And still the younger two dont get outside. A person never sees them outside unless they go out to the pourche to have a smoke. The mom and the dad smoke like chimmnys even around the kids. These people are very loud at night. Becasue of sleeping all day their day actually starts at 8pm.and they have a minnie party every night untill 1am. I referr to their minnie partys as the bowling lanes, becasue thats exactly what it sounds like. When we are trying to get to bed. My husband works in the bush and has to be up at 330 every morning.
    I attempted to address this with the property manager. It improved, for about 2 days, and now there is a 1030 pm quiet time, which is fine(a bit late for my liking but thats me)so instead of listening to the property manager, they take what she said to mean make all the noise you want right up untill 1030pm. A person with normal thinking ability would use thier common sence, thinking ability and common courticy for ones neighbour. But they ddnt. And so one day… I snapped. And acted like a crazy person waking them up at 7am and keeping them awake untill 1115 breaking only to take my daughter to school.
    I ddnt walk accross the floors I hopped. Shaking the floors, while I did that I put some water in my blender and turned it on, I was going to take my cookware lids and smash them together like symbols but I decided against it as I ddnt want to wreck perfectly good lids. So while I was slamming cuppord doors, with the blender going and hopping up and down the property manager rang. I ddnt say hello, I answered with “thank goodness you called, I ddnt know how much longer I could keep this up, being rude is hard work…and my feet hurt from all this hopping!” Needless to say I got a verbal warning.
    But there is a method to my maddness. Now we both have verbal warnings. But the ball is in thier court to retaliate, if they so choose to….and risk a writen warning? I think not. Since my act of craziness it is so quiet at the duplex you can hear a pin drop. But tonight they had a party. We are supposed to honour a 1030pm quiet time. Supposed to is the opperative word here. It will be interesting to see what transpires. As its 345am and they are still up.

    Thank you for speak your mind site. Its nice to read that I am not the only one to have troubles with their neighbours. I was begginning to think that I was just being a difficult person to get along with.
    But I am not hard to get along with, nor am I unreasonable. its not unreasonable to think or ask for quiet at the bed time hr.


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