Real estate tycoon Donald Trump has decided to say,”You’re fired!” to his 11,000-sq ft home in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA and has listed the massive, ocean-view estate for $12 million.

Donald was initially welcomed into the tiny Rancho Palos Verdes community. He purchased 300 acres back in the late 1990s for $27 million and the site was developed to include his 5-bedroom, 9-bathroom mansion, plus a luxury 18-hole golf course and clubhouse.  While the expected city revenue from the golf course was welcomed, the exclusive community faced several uphill battles with Mr. Trump over his decade-long residency. Housing Watch reports that opposition towards a Trump-named street, 12-foot ficus trees and numerous other disagreements eventually led to the real estate mogul suing the LA suburb for $100 million. Longtime residents of Rancho Palos Verdes saw the lawsuit as a reflection of Trump’s outlook that “rules aren’t made for him.”

The grand Mediterranean estate, which served as Trump’s primary residence and his first West Coast development, is “perched high above the rest” and features marble floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, a master bedroom with private patio and fire pit, library, a game room with full-sized bar, wine room, a “chef’s dream” kitchen, infinity pool and unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean and Trump National Golf Course from almost every room.

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  • Realtor Agent

    The space and the structure is prety impressive! It fits the idea in my head of what a modern palace would look like.

  • joe

    Is it a short sale?

  • Milwaukee Condos

    seems a bit small ;)

  • Archetype

    I love the outside. It looks like a miniaturized and subdued version of the Ca D’Zan Mansion in Florida. He’s losing millions on this place over a ficus and a road name? Silly guy ;)

  • http://Fuchsiafirefly Rosemary Bronson

    I like the entrance and floors…… Seen better in my area!

  • Ann-Marie Meyers

    He probably found out about this place, and wants to buy it:

    I don’t know what the Taj Mahal is doing in li’l ol’ HIckory Creek, Texas, but, you never know. If The Donald buys it, someone should tell him it is mandatory to put a live longhorn in your front yard around here.

  • Koi

    Wow, no furniture! This place is really ready for the sale. But it is a bit small for me. It is not my style either. I will pass.

  • Moonbeam

    I would want more bedrooms than just five, especially if there are 8 or 9 bathrooms. I guess that many bathrooms are for guests at parties thrown there without the expectation that many people would be staying the night.

    I would rather have a home with 7 or 8 bedrooms and maybe 5 or 6 bathrooms, if I had to choose.

    Also, the pool seems a bit “dinky” and small for such an otherwise grand home. I love infinity pools, but that one would be a disappointment to me if I was buying that property.

    Otherwise, love the architecture inside and out.

  • Josh

    yekes what a taste. The house looks as arrogant as trump. I am glad they didn’t approve a street after his name, it would only bring home prices down.

  • Jon

    This doesn’t seem Trump to me. Sure that was a nice front door… but the overcast pictures, the lack of furniture, it just doesn’t feel Trump grand.

  • Scales

    I didn’t see a BBQ. Does the property have a BBQ?? I don’t really need a house without one. I will pass.

  • zettiness

    Ugly although sure has some grandeur to it. If that’s someone’s idea of a dream home I’ll be drown in sadness..

  • Jeff Jeruss

    What an ass. Trump is the epitome of the “ugly rich American” who expects the world to do whatever HE wants. Trump gives being wealthy a bad name. The fact that he is portrayed as a role model, with TV shows, headlines, etc makes me sick to my stomach. What a miserable excuse for a human being. I hope he loses everything. Arrogant jerk.

  • rodney@new home building

    I’m not crazy about this property. It does have a nice view though. I wonder if Donald is short on this one. Anyway, you’re fired.

  • Schmunky

    I could have told him RPV would have never allowed him to create a Trump palace. RPV’s rooted charm and natural flare are the wild peacocks, horse trails, large yards, trees, jagged cliffs and remaining ranch-style homes. Massiveness is not charming. Trump’s mansion is brilliant … if located on the Italian coast. Not RPV. Mr. Trump, You’re Fired! You’re Out of Here! Bye-Bye!

  • john paul

    What is the deal with the ficus trees? Those trees are such junk and Trump probably planted them all along the border of this low rent house. I want to know the dirt on the ficus trees.

  • RealityBites

    He’s probably needs the money or is getting out before the bank forecloses on him, after all hasn’t he declared BK twice? Wonder if the banks and investors will ever wise up to this guy!?!

  • tk

    Trump defines what “Ugly American” means.

  • Paul

    My first impression is this place is a Mausoleum. Dark, uninviting and cold. Stone everywhere with no warmth. Small and not very well thought out in design. This was obviously just an investment for Trump.

    Have a look at 950 Park St NSaint Petersburg, FL 33710
    on Zillow for sale now for a mear 3.98 million. A real value with waterfront view and lighted fountains, oak and marble combined.

    Trump I’d have sold this plot a long time ago.

  • Jye

    is it short sale? if so, i would like to make an offer to buy with cash of 8 or 9 millions

  • mar

    This is a $11M spec house in his golf course community. Mr. Trump would not live in this, no way. Much to small and understated for his tastes.

  • YoungJean

    The resident of this home is not require to fitness.

  • Oscar

    Does anybody have the address to this house?

  • Mike

    The ficus trees were planted near the driving range to hide some of the existing homes that Trump thought were unattractive. He did so without city permission and the trees blocked the ocean views of many of those houses.

  • Mike

    The house sits southeast of the golf course all by itself in a cul-de-sac. You can see it from PV Drive West. There were a number of Trump-owned sites for home development that were never sold.

  • Clement R Knorr

    While Mr. Trump has built a home with a decent enough looking facade, the interiors appear not unlike those of Sadam’s many palaces. Banal and tasteless.

  • Tony Risberg

    It’s not a short sale and he’s not losing any money on the deal. Keep in mind that the 27 million he spent in the early 90’s includes the 300 Acre Golf Course Trump International that is not included in the price of the home and I’m sure the golf course is earning him plenty of zero’s and comma’s. It’s also the home of the Trump Chalange TV Show on the Golf Channel, where he hosts celebrities to play eachother. I’m sure if you buy the house, he’ll through in a membership to the course… :)

  • shirley

    The Donald and his money seem to think that people are suppose to get on their knees and bless him.
    He is sue happy and thinks that people are suppose
    to worship the ground he walks on.
    I would like him alot better if he had a pleasing personality to go with his millions..

    Name a street after him//////////////////////////HA
    that is really funny.

    He paid 27 million and is selling it for 12 million .
    Just how many times is one person allowed to sue people? Suing for 100 million makes my butt itch!

    Move Donald and BTW get a hair cut that looks like a man!

  • Gina


    The address is 32045 Isthmus View Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, California, 90275.

  • steve

    This is a perfect example of (money?) meets zero taste. Stamped concrete outside made to look like stone? No trees anywhere (maybe he spent all the tree budget on the Ficus trees to block the neighbors?) .I guess the fact that all the interior spaces look like the meeting rooms or the ballroom from a Sheraton Hotel or a really deluxe Holiday Inn (the newer ones) was the goal here. I agree with the mausoleum comment earlier, but I don’t think Michael Jackson would want to be buried in this mess. And what’s with the squinty eyes and puckered lips on that face…is he always smelling his own shit to cause that bloated boozy gasbag mug of his?

  • shintao

    Overall, a nice place. I was thinking you can only do so much, because you are limited by building materials, and the philosophy less is best. I am buying a REO for $300,000., 4 bed, 3 bath, soalr heated pool, outside fireplace & bar on a nice rear patio, a front patio, all stainless kitchen & island, and all marble counters & tile including the laundry. It really is big for my lady and I and sold new for $675,000. 4 years ago. The Master bedroom is huge with duel walkin closets, a setting room, and large soaking tub in the bathroom, seperate shower, duel sinks. Anyway, it is cozy at 3,000 sq ft. I would probably feel lost in Trumps place. I would like to live on the coast, but everything over there is about 1 Mil & up. Still, I wouldn’t want Trumps home, only if he gave it to me. :)

  • Geri

    Tacky… I’ve seen better for the money. I’m surprised at Donald that he would waste his money on this when there are by far better deals out there! I can show him true value in New York!

    With his losses, he could have fed and built houses for all of Haiti!

  • Austin Owner Finance

    Awesome property!

  • Gail

    What an amazing home, this would ultimately be on my wish list, however would never be an option for me. I really enjoyed looking at this home whomever ends up with it i’m sure will be extremely happy.

  • Trump Waikiki

    I’m pretty sure Trump is just spending some quality time in Hawaii at Trump Waikiki Hotel & Tower.

    The surfing is off the hook there.

  • leaderscorp

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  • hospedagem

    The space and the structure is prety impressive! It fits the idea in my head of what a modern palace would look like.

  • Child care

    Donald Trump, one of the best entrepeneur that exists. He is the living prof that business can be made form low level, and getting on top.

  • Mike Walker

    Has this property sold yet?

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