‘American Dream Builders’ Profile: Andrew Flesher

andrew500x191_ADBLogo_a_01Renowned designer Nate Berkus hosts NBC’s bold new reality competition series American Dream Builders that showcases the talents of accomplished designers and home builders in the country. The show pits 12 talented contestants against one another in a high-stakes competition. Read about all the contestants.

Meet “American Dream Builders” interior designer Andrew Flesher.

Zillow: How did you get into design?
Flesher: I think I was born a designer; even as a kid, I was looking at house magazines. I studied architecture in college and nearly graduated before I realized I didn’t like the technical, engineering aspects that went with it. I did, however, love interior design — it was a logical transition for me.

Zillow: What’s the best design advice you’ve ever received?
Flesher: Think big and offer those big ideas to clients. It’s not fair for me to edit options because I think they’re too expensive or too grand. I think big and let my clients decide for themselves.

Zillow: What’s your signature design trick?
Flesher: I’m known for doing white interiors. I think of those neutral walls as a blank canvas and let the color and interest come from furniture and accessories.

Zillow: Describe your design style in three words.
Flesher: Classic. Tailored. Luxurious.

Zillow: What are the design trends that excite you most right now?
Flesher: I’m inspired by things I see that are new, but I’m not somebody who jumps on the bandwagon. Trends don’t fit with my timeless aesthetic.

To see more of Andrew’s work, visit his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.