‘Entourage’ House Sells for $4.2 Million

Source: Access Hollywood

The A-list antics of Vinny Chase and his crew on HBO’s hit series “Entourage” are loved by millions around the globe. The infamous bromance has, however, signed on for its eighth and final season this year, with the season’s premier airing just last week. As it turns out, someone gets to follow in E, Turtle, Drama, and, of course, Vinny’s footsteps… literally. Who? The recent buyer of the massive mansion used as home-sweet-entourage in the series’ seventh season, that’s who.

Originally listed back in 2008 for $6,895,000, the Tuscan Villa from Entourage received a series of price cuts over the past three years, the final one going from $5,958,000 to $4,200,000 — the price the home finally sold for on June 1. Despite the heavily reduced sale price, the new owner will be facing a monthly mortgage payment of almost $16,500/month!

This prime piece of Encino real estate is coincidentally staying in Hollywood hands and has been reportedly purchased by the executive producer of “CSI.” Located on a .85-acre, gated lot, this home boasts over 9,000-sq ft of living space with a total of 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Fans of the show know the movie-star amenities don’t stop there.

This king-size house also features a media room, office, 7 fireplaces, a gourmet kitchen (Drama’s cooking service unfortunately not included), and a large backyard perfect for entertaining. What fans perhaps didn’t know is there’s also a “fabulous attached Casita for guests.” This feature is presumably within close proximity to the outdoor swimming pool the four friends are frequently filmed relaxing around after hard days work of reading scripts and making deals.