Extend Your Living Space Into Your Backyard

Looking for another way to add value and extend your home without major construction? You don’t have to build a deck or fancy patio; a basic but large patio can make your house stand out against other homes in your neighborhood.

On a recent trip to Charlotte, NC, I stayed with a friend who had just constructed a new patio. She had a basic concrete slab torn up and a nice brick patio laid down in its place, extending her family room out the sliding glass door and into a new outdoor living space. 

She smartly scooped up a nice set of outdoor furniture from a local retailer and plants from the local nursery and voila — a swank outdoor space was born. Of course, the home stager in me couldn’t help but add accents from the inside, and it turned out to be a great place to watch the neighbors’ illegal but effective fireworks on July Fourth!

Professional landscaping in the rear of the yard completed the transformation.

Whether you’re putting your home on the real estate market or simply making a new space for your family, a basic patio with the right accents can create an enjoyable outdoor space that stands out from the other yards on the block.


Roslyn Ashford, MBA, is a former corporate recruiter turned home stager, and native Washingtonian (as in DC). She hosts a bi-weekly tweet chat for home stagers and loves to stage small and vacant homes. Learn more about her growing company here or follow her on Twitter to keep up with the daily hilarity!

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