FHA 2/1 Buydown, Title Companies, Down Payments …

Here’s a roundup of posts that appeared on Zillow’s Mortgages Unzipped last week.

Justin McHood’s weekly Mortgage Definition Explains an FHA 2/1 Buydown

An FHA  2/1 buydown is an option when getting an FHA loan where you can “buy down” the interest rate for a period of 2 years by putting a lump sum of money into a buydown account that will supplement the payment schedule on the loan for 2 years.

Lewis Poretz Asks How Important Is The Title Company?

The title company handling the loan transaction essentially handles the legal side of the deal. Lien releases and recording of new documents are handled by the title company. Many times these duties are subcontracted out to companies that concentrate on abstracts and deed recording.

Evan Vanderwey goes: Back to the Fundamentals: How much money do I need to put down?

At some point in the process of struggling to make mortgage payments home owners will consciously remind themselves whether or not they put any of their own money into the deal way back when they purchased the home.

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Photo Credit: Petras Gagilas