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Although there are many posts on the internet about FHA MIP rising to 1.55% that is factually inaccurate. The act signed into law on August 14, 2010 (HR 5981) does not state FHA monthly mortgage insurance premium (MIP) is increasing to 1.55% – it simply states MIP “may” be increased to a maximum of 1.55% (of the loan amount per year) by the commissioner without further need for congressional approval.

Currently no official FHA announcement has been published as to exactly how much MIP will increase. There has, however, been printed and spoken information circulated stating the increase on FHA monthly insurance will be to .90% on loans with less than 5% down payment and 85% on loans with 5% or more down payment.

On August 10th Deputy Assistant Secretary  Vicki Bott sent a letter which ended with an italicized paragraph including the statement that on October 4th 2010 FHA MIP would increase. “FHA’s upfront mortgage insurance premium will be adjusted down to 100 basis points on all amortization terms and the annual mortgage insurance premium will increase to 85-90 basis points on amortization terms greater than 15 years.”

Statements that indicate the Federal Housing Authority will be adjusting the monthly MIP to 1.55% are unfounded and not factual. A final announcement from FHA will be made prior to the October 4th date of implementation.

HR 5981 – Amends the National Housing Act with respect to requirements for the insurance of mortgages secured by a one- to four-family dwelling which are obligations of the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund. Authorizes the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to establish and collect annual premium payments of up to 1.5% of the remaining insured principal balance on such a dwelling.

It also authorizes an annual premium of up to 1.55% of the remaining insured principal balance of any 30-year mortgage on such a dwelling involving an original principal obligation greater than 95% percent of such value. (Currently, an annual premium of up to 0.55% of the remaining insured principal balance on such a mortgage is required.) Authorizes the Secretary to adjust the amount of any initial or annual premium through notice published in the Federal Register or mortgagee letter, which shall establish the effective date of any such adjustment.

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