Former NBA star Antoine Walker made approximately $110 million in his 13-year pro career playing for the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, and Minnesota Timberwolves. He was a member of the NBA All-Rookie First Team, named an NBA All-Star three times and won an NBA Championship while playing for the Miami Heat in 2006. And now he’s broke.

Walker has filed for bankruptcy and faces foreclosure on the Tinley Park home (photo above) he purchased for his mother. Reportedly, Walker has missed three months of payments and the bank is owed more than $2.28 million. Another of Walker’s homes in Miami, FL, is currently on the market for $3.4 million (photo below).  According to Crain’s, he has liabilities of $12.74 million vs. assets of $4.28 million, including his NBA Championship ring, which is valued at $6,000, two Range Rovers, and a $20,000 designer watch. (See more celebrity foreclosures).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg for Walker. On Monday, Walker was ordered to stand trial for non-payment of almost $1 million in gambling debt he accumulated between July 2008 and January 2009 at Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood and the Red Rock Resort. He could face up to 12 years in prison, if convicted.

In addition to the Tinley Park and Miami homes, Walker is also involved in Walker Ventures LLC and AW Realty LLC, which is accused of slum housing in Chicago’s South Side.

Walker no longer plays for the NBA (he retired in 2008), but did play this year for Puerto Rico’s Guaynabo Mets.

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  • Nick

    I’ll never understand why people choose to live above what is necessary; the richest of the rich go bankrupt.

  • Fiwuk

    Sorry for him, he’s a good player

  • Miami Condo Shop

    I really feel sorry for Antoine. Look at his former Boston teammate Paul Pierce who is currently playing in the NBA Finals. If he took care of his career he should still be in the NBA, whether as a veteran like Pierce or as part of a team’s coaching staff or something…Rich people should learn to count their blessings and not delve on any audacious vices or dubious businesses…

  • Bob Stahl

    It’s crazy to see how some people that end up with money don’t know how to be smart with it. It’s to bad for him and a real shame.

  • liz leeds

    Wow, that’s a pretty big house for just a mom. No wonder why he is bankrupt.

  • Miami Movers

    Celebrity foreclosures are all over the place. It truly is a paradox. This should be a lesson learned for both the poor and rich, because you never know where you will find yourself tomorrow.

    Miami Condo Shop, I agree with you, everyone should learn to count their blessings and not take things for granted. I agree, it’s a shame.

    Do you think he could ever recover? (assuming he isn’t sentenced to jail time)

  • AV Homes

    That is just so sad. He should have managed his money better. Even the wealthy don’t always know how to control their spending habits.

  • John

    too ego because too show off! now he didn’t have money ha.

  • Taylor White PHD

    Why is it that people earn millions a year, and then gets loans to buy items?

    How does that even make sense.

    If you are making millions – over 100 million – how is it that you cant buy a house for 1/100 of that?

    If he didnt spend it all on gambling, girls, and kids…

  • Suzanne

    What do these people do with their money. If this doesn’t make a great case for the NBA,MLB,NHL,NFL etc. to only draft players after graduating college, then I don’t know what is.


    Its just amazing every time I see something like this happen. He was a really good player in college and the NBA.

  • Dre Harmon

    There are more professional opportunities opening up for retired players, injured pros and even some world-class amateurs. The catch is they may have to go overseas to find them. Some of these former pros have partnered with the IPBA (International Professional Basketball Association) to tackle this issue head on.

  • Bankruptcy Ohio

    If people like these declare bankruptcy one wonders and hopes for the common man.

  • Bankruptcy Foreclosure

    This is great ! Now I fully understand what you mean by taking it from Start to Profit and have a better road map for doing it.

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