Lots of real estate news lately, surrounding some “Real Housewives,” including Tamra Barney who appears to have sold her home in a short sale and now, Jeana Keough, who avoided foreclosure and got a loan mod.

We reported last June that Keough admittedly had a notice of default on her Coto de Caza home and was trying to do a loan modification. Her lender initially denied her request, but it looks like she succeeded after an all-out assault that included speeches, e-mail campaigns, letters to her Congress people, communiques with a friend at HUD, and contact with the governor’s office. After Keough made enough noise, her lender stopped foreclosure and she has a loan mod.

Although Keough’s home is still listed on Zillow for $3.9 million, she tells Lansner on Real Estate that the house is off the market, but she might sell later when she’s not under so much pressure. See more photos of Keough’s home.

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  • Aaron Majors

    Loan mods can be good thing and a necessity in an economy like this.

  • DebtFree

    It would appear these housewives weren’t “real,” but rather living far beyond their means.

  • Health

    what these ‘housewives’ actually are? a reality show?

  • Diane Tuman

    Yes — it’s a reality series that follows well-to-do housewives in tony neighborhoods of major cities:

  • Health

    I see. Unavailable here.
    but here we have “realigi”
    reality + realigion
    stupidest reality show ever made

  • Fort Collins CO Homes

    Definitely agree with you Health. That show is a waste of life.

    It is interesting she was able to dodge foreclosure. Do you think any regular Joe off the street could have pulled this or do you think it she was able to pull it off because she is famous.

  • Thomas Shawn

    No this show is a real insight into life. Interesting that she had to scream to get a mod. Most of us are just hanging on for dear life and will probably just get denied a refinance, never mind a mod.

  • Courtney in Redwood City CA

    I AM a “regular Joe off the street” and “pulled off” a $600k+ loan mod on my 6.5% adjustable loan (considered predatory)and it is now set at an amazing (are you ready for this?) 2% for 30 years + no payments for two months (these payments were added to the backend of my loan)! You had to have hardship, such as losing your job, as I did. I was laid off TWICE with a new baby, out of work for over 6 months while my savings drained away keeping up with my mortgage payments. I contacted NACA ( represent me on my loan mod and 5 months later I was offered a dream deal. NACA customer service is frustrating at times, but if you keep at it, you too may get a “dream deal.”

    By-the-way, my sister-in-law patiently worked directly with her lender and 5 months later reduced her interest rate from 6.5% to 2.8% and she said two of her co-workers followed her lead and worked directly with their lenders and got loan mods as well.

    So it can be done!

  • Robert

    ^^ I call shenanigans on the 2% 600K loan modification.

  • Martin

    Modifications are for losers you couldnt afford the home in the first place you should be a renters. Let fiscally sound people own homes not dreamers with credits lines. OBAMA WHAT A JOKE

  • Martin

    By the way what a Jackass this property is barely worth a million five good luck with that

  • Tsk

    Martin, you are such a loser.

  • Martin

    Hey Tsk im 38 and have only three years left on my mortgage on my primary home and 6 on my vacation home 758 fico and didnt have to whine and have the government bail me out because I spent my equity and credit lines on face lifts and lipo suction on my fat thighs whos the loser now

  • Homes for Sale, Foreclosures, Condos for Sale

    She has a run-in with foreclosure, manages to squeak away with a loan mod, yet doesn’t sell. Very strange.

  • Sandy

    That’s why I never show these kind of shows and alike

  • Lori Los Angeles Real Estate

    That’s great that a loan mod was created for her. It’s to the bank’s advantage to do this, or they would have to sell the home at a ridiculously low price. Don’t really know why more loan mods aren’t done in this economy.

  • Cricket Balls

    Good on her!

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