Former tennis champion Pete Sampras and his wife, actress/model Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, have listed their enormous Thousand Oaks, CA home for $25 million.  Sampras’  home has over 16,000 square feet of living space, which includes 13,000 sq ft in the main house, plus a 1,200 sq ft guest house and a 2,000-sq ft gym. And, it’s on 20 acres. That’s a lot of space. And, at $25 million, that’s a lot of bank (as my friend Britta would say).

Why Sampras is putting his year-old home on the market is anyone’s guess, but if you look at photos Sampras’ home, you will see expansive, open rooms with modern, clean lines and touches of teak and white oak, plus imported stone finishes.  It has a tennis court, infinity pool, theater/game room, and poker room.

His home is part of the guarded and gated Lake Sherwood community, which is where retired baseball star Lenny Dykstra lost his home to foreclosure.

Sampras’ illustrious career over 15 years included 14 Grand Slam men’s singles titles, which was a record until Roger Federer surpassed it with a victory in the 2009 Wimbledon men’s singles tournament.

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  • Modern Homes

    I’m pretty sure that’s where Gretsky and Will Smith live too.

  • Dans

    wow, that’s a big property.
    Good luck with the sale Mr Pete

  • Manhattan apartment rentals

    Yeah, this is really nice home!

  • MrJeeeez

    With all that ‘bank’…. you could build a hospital, an educational center, and numerous people getting health insurance. Its ridiculous that anyone, especially 2 people would live so outragously when there are a lot of positive things that can be done in the community. Shame on you Pete Sampros!

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  • Bruce

    To the skilled eye, one can tell no one’s living there as there’s nothing but a few “staged” pieces of furniture. Is the place close to being foreclosed on?

  • Property

    big house but not that interesting

  • Zeke


    Go live in China or Venezuela, you communist! This is the land of opportunity where people who succeed in life can enjoy the American Dream. it’s what makes this nation the country where the have nots want to come and live for a better life. It’s also a country where the lazy losers look for handouts!

  • corky prouder

    For guys like you have brought this country to its kneel and made other educated lots to look for handouts and you ripped them off and lived at their expense for last 3-4 decades. Just wait- President Hugo Chavez is on his way to put this country back to order, so that it regains its old glory. Do you have any fu…. idea of how many educated people are unemployed for months and months together? This is all for financial rapists like you. Do some real digging in you brain (if you have one).

  • Gus

    MrJeeeez doesn’t get to decide what Mr. and Mrs. Sampros [sic] do with their money. This article does not disclose any charity work or gifts or foundations that the couple are involved with. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

    “With all that ‘bank’…. you could build a hospital, an educational center, and numerous people getting health insurance. Its ridiculous that anyone, especially 2 people would live so outragously when there are a lot of positive things that can be done in the community. Shame on you Pete Sampros!”

  • Toni

    Great views but very clinical and dull. Not my cup of tea at all.

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  • PissedOff

    Jesus Christ. Is it the way of the loser to hang out on blogs complaining about how other people spend their money. He worked for it. Thousands of hours practicing, bettering himself and ‘earning’ his money. NOBODY has anything to say about what other people do with their money. He doesn’t owe anything to charity although I’m sure he gives plenty. Why is someone always looking for a handout? If everybody worked half as hard as many of these atheltes or celebrities they’d have their own palatial mansion. Why is it the job of the wealthy to make sure others have health insurance. Should people work and save and invest wisely. Do the wealthy complain that those “less fortunate” smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. Isn’t that squandering money that could have been givin to charity. Lazy people need to get a work ethic and this country would be in better shape. And hey if you are educated and can’t get a job in your field, stop acting so high and mighty and go get a job at Starbuck’s – They provide insurance!!!

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  • Scales

    MrJeeeez on March 25, 2010 12:22 pm

    With all that ‘bank’…. you coul… BLA BLA BLA.

    YOU are everything that is going wrong with America.. Land of the Free Home of the Brave. Move to France with Alec and the rest of your Non-American “American” buddies. Oh and take the commie, B. Hussein O. with you.

  • J

    Hate to judge, but In “OPEN”, Aggasi says he saw Pete tip a valet only $5, and he insisted that the money go to the kid who “actually” parked the car. Pretty cheap for a guy pulling in 40 mill a year at the time…

  • Sandy

    big and lonely property

  • PissedOff

    “J” You say you hate to judge, but you are. How much should he have tipped? Let’s say the cost to valet was $20.00, what do you think is fair? I think he souned responsible in wanting the money he gave to go to the person who earned it. It was probably an event where there were wealthy people parking, should every person parking their car tip $20.00. That’s 100%. Why’s that fair? Now we have the valet parkers pulling in $100k to park cars. He should tip 100% everywhere he goes just because he has money??? Do you know what TIP(S) means? We as americans feel entitled to everything. “He has money so he owes me some.” TIPS means ‘To Insure Proper Service’. If you make $50k a year should you have to TIP more than someone that makes $25k a year?

  • small studio

    I think, big house won’t bring happiness if you live there alone.

  • Real Estate for Sale

    What an amazing home. Simply amazing.

  • Mobile

    Beautiful place, wish I could afford it!

  • Lori Los Angeles Real Estate

    Sounds good to sell off prior to having any financial problems surface. If Pete can gain a nice profit from this real estate deal, will still be able to provide him and his wife Bridgette with a nice life style. With house prices so low compared to years ago (especially in Los Angeles), they will be able to still purchase a smaller home with cash.

  • AV Homes

    This property doesn’t look enormous from the first picture, but when I looked at the others, oh my goodness! This place is huge and has everything a buyer could possibly dream of. I love the oak framing around all the entry ways, the blue tennis court and the pool. I don’t understand why they would want to sell it after only one year either. Maybe they are worried about the economy like many others.

  • Travis

    25 mil in T.O.? Go buy beach front for a lot less. That is crazy.

  • http://www.dermacarefacialclinic/ Lindsay

    This is definately a beautiful house. I think Bridget has come into the skin clinic where I practice in Woodland Hills.

  • Combat Pack

    I guess i have found my next home!

  • Debbie

    We r the reason they make money. we watch the sport and the movies that they make the money to play and make. So if u dont like what they make or have dont protake and how they make the money that they do. Yes sometimes it seems unfair how one person can make sooo much money while others work and dont make a fraction of that even in what seems to be important jobs nursing health care teaching ex… but never the less they worked for it and who r we to judge when we will by the clothes watch the games and go to the movies that makes these people millions. The house is pretty and what can i say im a little jealous that i work 40 plus a week and will never be able to come close to making what this house is worth in my life time.

  • Mulakater

    Namaste Pete

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