Questions about home photos hold the dubious distinction of being one of Zillow Advice’s most over-asked popular questions. Whether you want to delete, enhance or just critique them, knowing how Zillow manages your home photos can save you a lot of trouble.

How Zillow Gets Photos – We receive photos of properties from two sources: brokers/agents, who send them to us automatically with their listings feeds; and from you, the homeowner, who bravely uploads them to Zillow.  We at Zillow do not gather them ourselves. We do not have a robot that searches the Internet for them.

me = pro photoshopper

Fig. 1: me = pro photoshopper

How To Add Photos Yourself – The simplest way for the average user to add photos to their home details page is to log in and claim their home (if they haven’t already). Then, on the home details page click the [Add|Edit Photos] button on the “Bird’s Eye View” bar (See Fig. 1). If there are already photos there, the bar will read “Photos”. Either way, click and upload away. When you’re done, don’t forget to mark the box where you promise you’re the owner before you click “Save Changes!”

Who Exactly Can Add Photos? – Short answer: only you the homeowner/home seller, or your agent. Strangers or random people are not allowed to post photos of someone else’s home. An individual who pretends to be someone else, claims a home and uploads photos is seriously violating Zillow’s Terms of Use, and is in for trouble.

… Lies. How’d That Photo Get There, Then? – Err… the long answer is that sometimes a property has old photos from a prior owner, or another agent who listed that home on Zillow. You can delete your own photos, but for the time being, you can’t delete someone else’s old photos. You need to flag the photo so our staff can get rid of it for you. Flag it by clicking the little Flag button under the photo.

Finally, How Do I Rearrange and Delete My Photos? – Click [ADD|EDIT PHOTOS], then click/drag the photos around to rearrange their order. You can also click “Remove” on any photos you’d like to kill off. Do so carefully: officially, Zillow can’t restore them. And as always, don’t forget to check the “… ownership” box and click “Save Changes!”

  • George Diller

    201 Clearview Senatobia Ms. listing needs to be removed. This house has not been listed for sale since July 09.

  • David Tobey

    Fixed xD

  • roy

    I think the real question is where do the multiple angle, bird’s eye view photos come from????? They are much better quality than google earth…so who takes them?????

  • David Tobey

    Microsoft manages our Bird’s Eye View. Everything’s better quality in the PNW.

  • Donna Shum

    130 Mainsail, Third Lake, IL 60030 is shown with the wrong agent (Kale). It should be with Koenig & Strey, Real Living, Sam Valadez. Please correct, I have been trying for 1 week to get this information updated without any success. HELP.

  • David Tobey

    @Donna: That property’s not for sale on Zillow. It does look like that according to our records, the last selling agent was Kale, and as you say that may not be correct. Either way all references have been removed!

  • Jay

    Hi, I have already flagged the interior pictures of 3332 Duke Ct, Santa Clara CA. Please remove the pictures as the home is already sold.

  • jonnie

    for several days now- the house pictures on zillow will not load —-I canceled my house (make me move)
    after that no pic on any house come up??
    please help

  • Cricket Balls

    Johnny not had any problem this end. Must be your PC!

  • Jaime

    I sold a home over a year ago, and at the time, I tried to remove my photos, but couldn’t. The home still has my photos up to this day and I want them removed. Can someone please tell me how to remove them. I am no longer the owner. I should have some right to have my photos removed. thx.

  • AgencjaHostess

    hello! everybody here im very gratified that after making petty research i rest this place.I was browsing this forum in place of a while without registration and today i decided to tickled pink that everybody are so nice.
    I project attraction it and i when one pleases look over go through some era posting some usefull tidings

  • careuser

    Please fix your record field, a lot of records are not accurate..

    1211 Huntingdon Dr
    San Jose, CA 95129

    county does not have the record after 2004

    3991 Soutirage Ln
    San Jose, CA 95135

    your site

    Date Description Price % Chg $/sqft Source
    04/29/2005 Sold $1,198,500 47.8% $447 Public Record

    12/13/2002 Sold $811,000 — $302 Public Record

    county record
    4/29/2005 936,000

  • Leland Bridgman

    How do I remove old owner listing under myzillow? I want to delete entire listing, info and photos.

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