Tim Geithner, who was lauded for his vast financial and economic experience as he was courted for the Treasury Secretary job and then quickly panned for his less-than-detailed preview of the stimulus package, not to mention his housekeeper problem and oversight in paying self-employment taxes, has put his Larchmont, NY Tudor-style home on the market. Price? $1,635,000 million — approximately $33,000 more than what he bought it for in 2004.

Geithner’s home at 32 Maple Hill Dr, Larchmont, NY, is tastefully done (take a look at the photos) and is “priced to sell” said Coldwell Banker real estate agent Debbie Meiliken. “He wants to sell it fast,” she said. “He’s moving to Washington.”

Geithner will quickly feel the Washington heat. He and President Obama were recently handed “F’s” by economists in reviving the economy.

  • JC

    This loser is going to back a pretty decent loss on that sale, if he can sell at all.

    I guess he really needs a bailout. Can the Treasury buy that house up?

  • JC

    This loser is going to back a pretty decent loss on that sale, if he can sell at all.

    I guess he really needs a bailout. Can the Treasury buy that house up?
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  • Denny Wallace

    And these are the guy’s running this country, it’s no wonder we are in such a MESS!!!. However they get all the perks from Washington and have no idea what the common person is going though !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nothing but GREED with these guy’s, you try not to pay your Tax’es and let see what happens, can you say OH I over look it !!!!!??? GIVE MA BREAK !!!!

  • Terrence Askew

    Amen Denny. If we failed to pay are taxes, we would receive 3 hots and a cot….

  • Douglas Diemer

    This tax cheating, trained political monkey needs to shrink back into the cave where he belongs.

  • Gabriela Oprea

    They are a difference maker.
    Humble roots,let cheer them on to do better.
    God be with them and us, and God bless America.

  • brave

    Per zillow , this house is 600K in year 2000. He can sell this house to banks for 1.6 million and Washington will buy this piece from bank and give it to us for 1.8 mil. btw ., I must overlook my taxes this year. ha!

  • Manassas VA Homes

    I wonder if there is any TARP monies involved?

  • Arlington VA Homes

    The government will buy him out.

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