This past November, workers from Billy Nabors Wrecking pulled up to 10151 Daria Pl, Dallas, TX 75229 and tore the house down. The house belonged to former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, who also own the house next door at 10141 Daria Pl, Dallas, TX 75229;  the 10141 address is the home the Bushes moved into last February.

Dallas Dirt’s Candy Evans speculates why the Bushes tore it down:

The former first family apparently wants to expand their present yard. Realtors familiar with the home, which was listed last year for $1.6 million, say it is not all that desirable for building anyhow,  since a creek runs along the northern edge, and it really needed to be scraped. interviewed a worker from Billy Nabors Wrecking who said he believes the lot will stay vacant and the Bushes simply wanted a bigger yard.

Neighbors of the Bushes in Preston Hollow include Mark Cuban (owner of NBA’s Dallas Mavericks), H. Ross Perot (billionaire and former Independent candidate for president), and Tom Hicks (co-owner of NHL’s Dallas Stars and Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers).

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  • Modern Homes

    Ross Perot and George Bush are neighbors? Interesting.

  • Nanan nenan

    Too bad I can’t see it. The iPhone’s inability to run flash and my work’s clampdown on users installing updates (including to the latest flash required for viewing have rendered completely unusable to me. I’ll have to move on to another website. Goodbye, zillow!

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  • fort bonifacio

    At zillow, we can see all celebrity’s house. Even political figure person in the world. What does he plan to do with his new yard? I don’t know what his reason, it’s too shallow.

  • Joey

    He’ll do for that house what he did for Iraq.

  • Phyllis

    They probably purchased it to make more running room for Barney & Mz. Beasley, their Scottish Terriers. I have a Scottie and know from experience that they love to roam the yard in high sniff for small vermin.

    Thanks Zillow for the update on President & Mrs. Bush. Notwithstanding all that has transpired, I miss them and what seemed to be a more gentile society and outward sense of calm.
    Best wishes to all!

  • compare-mortgages

    Well, he can’t exactly leave the house without being mobbed, so I can’t blame him for wanting to buy a little privacy and space.

    I suppose the Secret Service appreciates the extra buffer zone as well :)

  • Richard

    Perot and Bush absolutely hate each other.

  • brujosalazar

    It seems unusual that the typical banter by our public hasn’t arrived yet,minus a few above me posts. All I can say,is, if a person works hard,and does well, why should they not have what they desire? I can’t imagine a world without Cartier, let alone, the other fine articles offered to us. In retrospect, the people who moan,and complain about the wealthy,this,the wealthy that,tar feather the wealthy,blah,blah, could not live without their tacosbell,or macdonalds!

  • Mojo.C.

    I disagree with brujosalazar — I believe Bush has played hard as well in the past 8 years to earn this magnificient residence of such. We are partaking his fruit, the stuff that he has planted which nobody wants! God bless his heart — he doesn’t have to taste the fruits from the tree he has planted! Lucky him!

  • http://yahoo kristine valois

    wow! the houses in texas really amazed me. How i wish i can afford to buy a house on my own with my family. It is great to be with famous people in the world but it is greater if you live your life in its simplest form…

  • Rosemary

    I pray that God shower his blessing on President George W Bush. I miss him greatly, as now my family lives in constant worry and fear with our current smoke and mirrors administration.
    One year in and we are trillions more poor and worse off.

    thanks BHO voters, if there is one good thing to come out of all of this, the masses are waking up

  • Mojo.C

    Rosemary: God has showered his blessing on Ex-Pres Bush already. Didn’t you see that? When all the common Americans are worrying, strifling between jobs, Bush has been enjoying his peaceful, quiet, protected life (on our expense) receiving his life-time stipends (on our expense) in his big compound, leaving the world he created behind. What else did he need in these time of troubles of our country? He must have done something terribly right when he was in his office that God has blessed him so significantly! As for me, I pray for justice!

  • brujosalazar

    Oh please,spare me your rants people. have you ever ran a country? think you can do better? why are you not on the ballot? hmmm?
    Mojo.C. on January 23, 2010 7:13 pm

    I disagree with brujosalazar — I believe Bush has played hard as well in the past 8 years to earn this magnificient residence of such. We are partaking his fruit, the stuff that he has planted which nobody wants! God bless his heart — he doesn’t have to taste the fruits from the tree he has planted! Lucky him!

  • brujosalazar

    you would disagree with most sane ideas, heck you would probably agree to legalize drugs like my sorry state California considers doing! I am proud Californian, and i hope some day,we repair this mess we are in,thanks to people who think as you do pal!

  • AV Homes

    The house they took down looks like it’s about as big as the one they are living in. You know you have money when you can tear down the houses that are blocking your view. Oh well. As long as they are happy, I’m happy.

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