Smart home sellers know they need to factor in Web appeal when marketing their home. But they can’t overlook the fact they need to impress potential buyers when they walk through the front door.

Yes, you need to clean and de-clutter, but as the seller, can you be objective about other changes that need to be made to your home? Is the bright, red paint color in the bedroom off-putting? What about your bedspread? Is the couch in the best possible position to show off the space in your living room?

Today, Zillow is launching a “photo comments” feature in Zillow Advice to help sellers better stage their home. With this feature, you can ask for advice from the Zillow community on how to improve the look and feel of your home. Think of it as a type of crowdsourcing.

Here’s how it works: In Zillow Advice, click on Home Selling tab, then Staging. Next, click on “Ask A Question” and upload a few pictures of your home. If you have specific questions about how you might improve it — such as where the couch should go or what color the walls should be — include them in the details section.

When you’re finished, press “submit” to post your question to the Zillow community. Real estate professionals and enthusiasts will then be able to view your pictures and provide expert opinions on how to put your best home forward.You’ll be able to mouse over the photo to read the comments.

See example:




















To comment on someone’s photo, navigate to a question that has an image, click the “add note” link at the top of the photo, and then click the area of the photo you’d like to comment on. Type your comment, press “submit,” and your opinion will be published to the owner and to the Zillow community.

If you’re a home seller, try it out and see what staging advice the Zillow community has to offer you. Give it a try!

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