The Okvath family of Gilbert, AZ, recipients of an Extreme Home Makeover in 2005, have listed their Spanish Colonial-style mansion for $1.3 million. Located at 3578 E. Redfield Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85234, the 5,346 sq. ft. home is on a 1.07-acre lot, has 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and a 3-car garage big enough for four cars. The over-the-top feature is a home theater with seating for 12.

So, why are the Okvaths selling? According to the East Valley Tribune, Bryan Okvath lost his job at a fire extinguishing company, got another one as a truck driver, but injured himself on the job. The family felt it was impossible to keep up with the bills ($1,200/month for electric and $400 for water), so they have listed it.

The couple have seven children and received their home makeover as a surprise when their oldest daughter was battling a rare form of cancer. When she was hospitalized, she asked the show’s producers to do a makeover on some dreary hospital rooms, which they did in unison with giving the Okvath’s a new home.

According to Keller Williams listing agent Tony Moore, the luxury market in the Gilbert area “has a two-year inventory in the pipeline” and obtaining a mortgage for this luxury market is also a challenge. The Zillow Home Value Index for Gilbert, AZ is $189,200, which hit a peak of about $360,000 early in 2006.

  • Terence Hoaglund

    I am seeing a trend here with these Extreme Makeover homes. More often than not, the homes are extremely overbuilt for the area they are in, and they are so huge that the owners can’t afford the upkeep. While the concept behind the show is certainly commendable, maybe they need to rethink how they approach this.

  • Brandon Green

    Be interesting to see the stats of Extreme Makeover Homes vs. other homes in their areas.

  • Ralph D Bredahl

    I guess that anything they can get is profit.
    That haven’t paid anything other than taxes

  • Micahel

    I would get rid of “Keller-Williams”, only in it for themselves. Go to a smaller, more personable company or put it on the market yourselves. Remember who was part to blame for this mess were in.. Realtors, Bankers & Mortgage lenders. Thank you…

  • diet

    considering their current condition, it’s the best way for the family. Hope they get a good deal on this.

  • J

    The house in Camden, NJ that Extreme Makeover Home Edition built was also sold for similar reasons.

  • Dawn

    Didn’t they take out an ARM? Was the house paid for when EHMO came in?

  • Leigh

    $1,200/month for electricity and $400/month for water…enough said.

  • maluw

    yeah, that’s too much when seeing their current situation

  • Gerkins

    With EMOHE’s budget, wonder why they didn’t go solar? That sure would’ve cut the energy bills and made the house more marketable.

  • Leigh

    I was Phoenix last spring and was shocked to see only ONE house with solar panels. Come on now, don’t you all have sun 365 days a year?!?!?! Of all places where solar makes sense. Does Portland, OR have more solar panels?!?!?! With heavy use of electricity via the AC wouldn’t pay for itself at some near distance time?


    They are not using there heads I live in a 6100sqft home and my utility bills are not near that high there are ways to keep your bills down my house hold has 7 in it and we pay 658 for lights and water is 240 they are not working hard enough

  • vicki

    Exreme Makeover People,get real!!! Build these homes to help people stay in the home.That home should be afforable to that person if something happens to their job.To have a beautiful home is one thing, but when your kicked out,then what does the family do? As others have said,some of the homes are way over built. Be reasonable not wasteful.Hope the show takes my advice.

  • Gilbert Homes

    Unfortunately, $1.3 million homes aren’t in large demand here in Gilbert, AZ right now, but I’ll see if I can find you a buyer because it sure is a nice home;)

  • TransCanada Rentals

    Does the show not take into account the cost of running the house after they transform it? Hardly saving the family. Ended up forcing them out with 1,200/mth???

    Better look to rentals.

  • Jason L.

    Extreme Home makeover needs to STOP what they are doing! THEY are bankrupting these people. They are causing the foreclosures! ENOUGH

  • Curtis

    I won’t watch the show any longer. This is no longer about building houses for people where they can live and is affordable, rather it’s a testament to what ABC and it’s sponsors can do. Far too many homes from this show have been sold because people can’t afford to live in them. Isn’t the purpose of the show to help people with their living conditions?
    Think of the money they’ve blown to date and then ask yourself, wouldn’t it have been better if we had spread some of this money around instead? How many regular houses could have been built with this 1.6 Million dollar property?

  • Insurance

    the show is just a part of the industry.

  • Robin

    I no longer watch the show because they overbuild for the area and make the house NOT affordable. These families were already struggling to maintain a “normal” home. What makes the producers think that the people can maintain a bigger house. They can’t. The house in Gilbert not only is up for sale but has caused them to get a divorce too. So great work – ruin families.
    The other show they did in AZ had problems too. ABC needs to rethink what damage they cause just to do a weekly hour show.

  • vicki

    It’s a shame that extreme home makeovers do not take into consideration the families income to start with.Yes families need a better home, but what can they maintain and afford after the show has left town.I think this tv show could spend its’ money alot better than it does.I guess they won’t be asking for my opinion but just in case they do, please call me.”vicki in arizona”

  • Mandy

    Ok, so I am all for helping people, I think it is a great thing that Extreme Home Makeovers did for this and Many other families. (Keep up the Great work!!)
    In this Specific situation, the house is going through the beginning phases of foreclosure, yes forclosure, because the family took out a $400,000 mortgage. Hm.. Is that the fault of EHM? I have a 4000 sq foot home, a pool, and kids that just cannot turn a light off, and my Highest bill EVER was $550. And this family has added more kids, Do not blame Extreme Home Makeover here…

  • Mandy

    Also, really 1.3 Mil? In this Market? If they really are serious about selling this house, how about putting a price tag on the house that will attract people with the money to buy it.

  • Deby

    The market will tell. But the monthly expense is too big in my book.

  • Curtis

    Mandy, I have to disagree with you on EHM. You say that the highest your Electric Bill was 500.00 yet the monthly bill of the house built was 1200.00. I’d say that was the problem with the builder. I agree the homeowner is partly to blame, but a common bill of 1200.00 a month?

    You do know that MANY houses that these guys have built to date have been sold right? This is not an isolated case. They build these mansions, hand them off to the people and then then simply can’t afford them. I wouldn’t call that a success!

    Please consider for a momenet that looking in Zillow the prices range from 400K to 700K. This is double that. What was the need other than to make yet another outlandish statement! Just think, they could have built at least two houses for the price of this one that they are selling now. So how much help have they actually done?

  • Home Theater Seating HQ

    It’s nice that they were able to get the home makeover, but it is sad all the things going on. I do agree that I think the house was overbuilt for the family needs. Most people may not even spend $1600/month for a mortgage, yet alone utilities.

  • Desert Mountain Real Estate Scottsdale

    The Okvath family has gone through extremely rough times. The house was not a bounty to quickly became a burden that they could not afford. Clearly they could have done better to stop the financial bleeding quicker but I still feel sorry for them.

  • Suzanne

    As I write this, I am watching a rerun of this home build and went online to see what happened to this family, and found this website. As I watch this I felt that this home was going to be a burden, even though it was paid in full by the builders. It’s just a shame that what I thought was a good and caring family seems to be a family that is out for the money. Hopefully they have enough kids now and mom can go to work like most people and support the family while dad gets his bearings, and a new job.

  • Steve

    House sold, May 3, 2010 for $540,000!!

  • AV Homes

    That’s a lot of money in utilities. They live in Arizona, which is a dry area and great for the use of swamp coolers, which are a whole lot cheaper to operate than central air conditioning. They could also arrange the electric so they don’t run up so much of it. That seems like a much better idea then selling the home. However, I am not in their shoes. So if it’s a burden that they couldn’t afford either way, I guess it makes sense to sell it.

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