It’s not every day you see a home with a guitar-shaped pool, but we got tipped off to one in Bradenton, FL, that is listed for $1.25 million.

Located at 6176 9th Ave Circle, NE, Bradenton, FL 34212, this unique home was conceived by and built for Aaron Dorfman, an insurance company owner and amateur musician who once visited a rock star’s home in Bel Air, CA, that had a pool in the shape of a guitar. He was so enthralled with the guitar-shaped pool idea that he built his own in 2004.

Aaron and his son, Nicholas, also a guitarist, once jammed with Sarasota resident Dickie Betts of the Allman Brothers. But, now that his son is in college, Aaron feels it’s time to downsize.

The 5,108 square-foot mansion contains four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms as well as a theater room, game room and two wet bars. In case the weather drops below sixty degrees, the home also has two dual-sided fireplaces; one between the master bedroom and bathroom, the other between the dining and living rooms.

Soaring, 24-foot ceilings (photo above) in the family room provide lots of Florida sunshine and the floors are made from bamboo and pecan. The home is located on a one-acre site, next to the Manatee River and with direct access to the Gulf.

I’m not sure about you, but as a failed guitarist myself, I kind of love this pool.

See more photos of the house with a guitar-shaped pool.

  • homes for sale in pasadena

    That was really a wonderful house. The pool really looks amazing on its guitar shape perfectly suited the owner’s personality.
    There are many nice properties in California that potential buyers might be interested.

  • Cherry Creek Realty Services

    I agree. The pool is a hoot! Everyone has the basic circle, oval or rectangle shaped pool – but this guy changed it up!

  • wane

    this i call, having your guitar and swimming in it too! Way2Go

  • j

    What a consumate liar. Aaron’s home is in foreclosure–check out thye Manatee Clerk of Courts website. He has no musical traning and plays no instrument, and thus is NOT an amateur musician, just a wannabe, living through his adopted son whom he could not have passed any talent to, obviously. Although, his son, Nick, is an excellent pianist and guitarist in his own right. Aaron is a product of greed. He overextended himself with this home and others and now is underwater and continuing his lies to try and keep his image up to his imagined public. Of course I would know, as one of his four exes.

  • janis

    not the place to make comments like this–find somewhere else to air your feelings–maybe a personal journal !

    i really don’t acknowledge another’s online, frivolous comments but these comment’s; ANOTHER “found out” woman, just rubs me with formaldehyde !

    this woman appears a very angry, unkind, spirited woman and really is clueless as to arron’s life, individual accomplishment’s; his true spirit if this would be what she would pen publicly out of her own “spirit of greed” !!! so many of you riding on a man’s coatails—$$$.

    this man is not a bad or a greedy man & this isn’t the place to air your anger in honor of your own self serving spirit !

    despite a given upbringing of which none of us have control over; aaron is a hard working, proven individually successful, generous person & deserving of all he personally attains.

    he did design this house & had it built — did you ?

    you were lucky to be a woman choosen to share part in his life and you proved your intentions well; another woman rejected by a decent man because of your “mean spirit’ and now you are an angry greedy women airing your “true spirit” in an incorrect medium—publicly ! how classless & unadmirable.

    justified in his reasons ma dear; of no longer desiring of cohabitating with you !

    you are not a lady but a vamp !!

    simply a friend; a lady ! — jr

  • glen

    Where in the world did you learn English and grammar?

    By the way, did it ever occur to you that his exes left him???

    And, a little hypocritical about not “airing your anger in honor or your own self serving spirit.”

    Grow up–you may love this loser, but he obviously had serious baggage. And the other writer’s comeents all check out.

  • Promote Your Music

    Now that would be my kind of pool…being a guitarist as well.

  • UK Pool Tables

    That’s definitely a great design for a pool! Its different and unique. Swimming through the long bar would be fun! Just a straight line ahead! That would definitely make it a lot more interesting!

  • Gab

    Nice guitar pool! I like the unique design of this guitar pool. It a fulfillment for a person to see something like this in his place that will remind him about something that he really loves.

  • white file cabinet

    Thats hilarious! well its quite nice actually, thought it would definitely be harder to race while your swimming in a pool like that, still love the whole concept!

  • LED Light Bulbs

    Its amazing!its replica for a person to see something like this in his place that will remind him about something that he really loves.

  • Save The Queen Clothing

    Although, his son, Nick, is an excellent pianist and guitarist in his own right. Aaron is a product of greed.

  • hayfever relief

    I love the strings painted in the centre of the pool, if you fly over it would look amazing from the top.. Great idea, love it!

  • Mobility Products

    Yup with a pool like that, its only fair if you have a helicopter! I bet it ‘d be extra fun to jump down from it, providing you dont die!!

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