If you think castles only exist in Europe, think again. Surprisingly, there are many castles in the U.S. and some are even for sale. While these castles can weather storms, are they recession proof? Unfortunately, they are struggling to find buyers just like most other high-end homes and, according to Erin Diaz of Beaches & Backroads Realty, people are missing the boat. “I think we forget that people were on the ocean a century ago, hand-building these castles with these incredible details. These structures can withstand salt water, hurricanes and Mother Nature much better than other wooden structures. And there’s a misconception that castles are dark and dingy, but these properties are gorgeous and they’re mostly re-done.”

Although modern-day castles are still being built, suburbia-style, we chose the 10 below due to their age and historic significance. These are not fortified with moats, or men dumping boiling oil from above, but they were all built around the start of the 20th century by those who were captured by the grandeur of dramatic fortress-like structures so prevalent centuries ago.

See 10 Fascinating Castles for Sale in the U.S.:

333 Ocean Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882 (above)
For Sale – $5,950,000

Complete with gables, turrets, and even a 105-foot tower, the Hazard Castle (circa 1882) is a Gothic Revival castle situated on almost a 33 acres on the Rhode Island Sound, just across Ocean Road. According to the Rhode Island Historical Society Manuscripts Division, businessman “Joseph Peace Hazard (1807-1892) built this medieval-style structure on his Seaside Farm in Narragansett Pier,” supposedly because he saw potential for the area as a popular resort. Hazard’s history also revealed he had spiritual beliefs and in a dream, a druid came to him and told him to build a Gothic-style castle. Now owned by the Diocese of Providence, the castle has been for sale since May 2009, starting with a $7 million price tag. Adjacent to Hazard Castle is a 21,000- sq ft retreat center with a full cafeteria, meeting space, and chapel.

1 Castle Rd, Piermont, NY 10968 (above)
For Sale — $9,500,000

Drive 45 minutes north of New York City and you will find this Beaux-Arts-style stone castle in Rockland County, which was built in 1892 and designed by McKim, Mead & White, America’s premier architectural firm at that time. The renowned team was best known for designing notable buildings and structures in the Northeast such as New York City’s Washington Arch, Penn Station, and Boston Public Library, to name a few. Located on 18 acres, this 15,000-sq ft, 30-room castle also has a separate cottage, two-story barn with classic cupola, and an in-ground pool. Traditional architectural details include a turret or two, ornate moldings, coffer ceilings, palladium window, grand staircase, and 18th-century Italian Renaissance paneling. The Piermont Castle is the priciest property within Orangeburg real estate where the Orangeburg median home value is $402,500.

560 Ocean Rd, Narragansett RI 02882 (above)
For Sale – $4,500,000

“Dunmere” was built in 1883 for Robert Graham Dun, one of the original founders of the respected firm, Dun and Bradstreet, suppliers of commercial information and insight on businesses. Listed on the National Registry of Historic places, Dunmere was considered the premier showplace property within Narragansett real estate among the wealthy summer crowd. Elevated on three acres, Dunmere takes in dramatic oceanfront views that include a never-ending parade of ocean-going boat traffic. A rolling lawn to the ocean’s edge is trimmed with colorful gardens and at the centerpiece is the 3,700-sq ft stone-and-shingle home reminiscent of a European castle. It includes a stone turret, waterside deck, and stairs to the front door carved out of a naturally formed granite outcropping.  Narragansett home values come in around $338,500.

659 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840 (above)
For Sale — $5,100,000

Rhode Island certainly seems to have its fair share of castles, including “Belcourt Castle,” which was built for 33-year-old bachelor Oliver Belmont. It utilized a variety of architectural styles (French Renaissance, Norman, Elizabethan English, and country German styles), but was ultimately based on Louis XIII’s hunting lodge at Versailles.  It was completed in 1894 for a cost of $3 million. Belmont’s love of horses helped shape the use and design of the castle (the third leg of the Triple Crown, “The Belmont,” is named after his father, August), as the entire first floor contained carriage space and stables for Belmont’s prized horses. Currently, the home also doubles as a museum and contains an extensive collection of art and antiques from over 30 countries, including 13th-century European stained glass, 10th to 20th century furniture, 17th to 20th century paintings, Renaissance armor, and a gold coronation coach. Newport real estate can be pricey as many of America’s wealthiest families summered in Newport and built majestic mansions that dot the coastline.

389 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230 (above)
For Sale - $11 million

Now, that’s a castle! Known as the Searles Hopkins Castle, this 1888 French Chateau-style stone castle was commissioned in 1889 by Mary Hopkins, who was the widow of Mark Hopkins, founder of the Central Pacific Railroad. Several years after her husband’s death, she continued to build the castle, hiring designer Edward Searles who was 22 years her junior. As the castle’s name implies, the pair eventually married. Castle highlights include a Louis XIV drawing room with details in gold leaf and original painted ceiling, acoustically engineered music room with 42-ft dome ceiling, and large stone terraces overlooking a dramatic cross-shaped reflecting pond and gardens. The property consists of 61 acres with over a thousand feet of frontage on the Housatonic River. Located in the Berkshire Mountains,  Great Barrington real estate is considered accessible and desirable to urbanites in New York City and Boston since it’s only two and a half hours away from each city.

271 Hunting Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT 06903 (above)
For Sale – $1,099,000

Reminiscent of the architecture of Normandy, Chateau Rochamore (“love rock”) is one of Stamford’s most significant estates. It was designed by Gustav E. Steinback and completed in 1906. The castle’s great room contains a three-story, high beamed ceiling with a grand 15-foot stone fireplace as its centerpiece. Within the 4,800-sq ft of finished space, there are 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 6 wood-burning fireplaces. Three of the bedrooms are located in the tower with an additional room that is currently an art studio. There is an in-ground gated swimming pool, a circular driveway, and a three-car attached garage. North Stamford real estate is on the higher end since the Stamford area is considered to be part of the greater New York City metro area.

12 Billow Rd, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 (above)
For Sale – $4,632,000

Sitting along the Connecticut shoreline, the red-tile roof of “Hartlands” Castle has been a beacon for boaters on Long Island Sound since 1908 when it was built as a summer home for George Watson Beach, a Connecticut politician. The historic castle was constructed of field and beach stone and features 15,000-sq ft of living space, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and an in-law apartment. Notable guests of the waterfront property include Howard Hughes, the Rockefellers, Ethel Barrymore, Charlie Chaplin, and Frank Sinatra. The home has been extensively renovated and offers ocean views from every room. The Hartlands Castle comes in at the top end of Old Saybrook real estate, where Old Saybrook median home values are $321,400.

63 High St, Camden, ME 04843 (above)
For Sale - $2,475,000

Historic Norumbega Castle is a coastal landmark in Maine, and sits on over 3.95 acres of landscaped grounds overlooking Camden Harbor and Penobscot Bay. Joseph Stearns, whose fortune was realized through his invention of the duplex telegraphy system, had the castle built in 1886. Stearns traveled widely throughout Europe and became fascinated with the region’s castles and upon his return to Maine, hired famous New York architect, Arthur Bates Jennings to design his Queen Anne-style home. Following Stearns’ death in 1895, Norumbega had several subsequent owners including a cousin and former Assistant Secretary of State Hodding Carter III.  In 1984, Norumbega was converted into a bed and breakfast. Norumbega Castle is at the top end of Camden real estate where Camden’s median home value is $359,000.

10 Thurlow Terrace, Albany, NY 12203 (above)
For Sale — $1,300,000

Built in 1895, this hulking stone fortress across from Albany’s Washington Park has some interesting touches and a little ghostly action: it contains a turret room, a chapel, and covered carriage roof. Rounded door closets, carved mantlepieces with hidden doors, and geometric-patterned wooden floors unique to each room also provide distinctive architectural detail to the property. But, it apparently has an occupant; a ghost has taken up residence in the third-floor turret, according to the Albany Times Union. The home sat vacant for 13 years (1939 to 1952) and locals called it the “haunted castle.” There’s also another interesting twist to the history of this home: It was built by Charles LaDow, who was a wealthy inventor of agricultural machinery. He is also credited with creating puffed cereals by shooting thousands of rice pellets from a shotgun in the basement. LaDow died 11 years after moving in, leaving his family penniless. This home is at the top end of Albany real estate, where Albany home values are now $169,900.

770 Hillcrest Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (above)
For Sale – $11,400,000

Known as Pyne Castle, this landmark estate was built by E. Walter Pyne in 1927 and is located on several acres of prime ocean-view property in Laguna Beach. Pyne’s story was one of rags-to-riches: he earned money playing guitar on a passenger ship that cruised between San Pedro and San Francisco, then he owned a piano company, then he bought land to grow oranges on property in the the Santa Ana Canyon near Yorba Linda and Richfield. This is where he struck it rich — the land that grew oranges also produced black gold: oil. He soon became a rich man and bought 100 lots along Laguna Beach where he built this castle for himelf and his family.  Originally a 62-room mansion, the converted residence is being used as apartments. It was once considered as the Western White House for President Nixon. Laguna Beach real estate is on the high end with median home values coming in at $979,500.

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  • Robin Evans

    I agree with the majority of the folks here, these are not truly “castles”, but grand houses with a castle like theme. There is a castle in Idaho called Kataryna built by CastleMagic Castle Builders based in Idaho. Now that is a real castle. Actually, it is a keep, but they do build whole castles. If I ever win the lottery, it’s mine!

  • Kevin

    YES 3 of them are in the state that I am from and live in, Rhode Island!

  • thewiseone

    I have always wanted to live in a castle. The home I have now looks a little like one. I plan one day to buy the real thing in Europe if possible. I have 6 bedrooms and 4and a half baths. My house is really cute and it’s in Oklahoma, in one of the worse neighborhoods ever! But I think that the area has a lot of potential. I was so surprised to see a new construction in this part of town and it was adfordadable! However, I do wish I had a mote. I really don’t think that a castle is a castle without a mote. Actually I have enough land to maybe build one but I don’t think the city will let me do it. Have fun castle lovers of the world, we are a special group!

  • Ned Harkey

    Why waste all that money on one of these dilapidated stone mansions with their antiquated electrical and plumbing problems and rotting wood interiors when for only about 750 grand you can have a band new castle custom built with modern amenities and it actually looks like and is built like a medieval castle. Just look up “CastleMagic Castle Builders” on Google search.

  • andy

    Why the hell would anyone buy/build a castle in places that are so friggin COLD!

  • Lupe Garibay

    Oh please to those who compare Castles in Europe they should wash their brains. We are a young Nation and builds “castles” accordingly. Most of them were built in the 1800’s and by all means they were their castles. Think people this is America and these are our castles.

    I think they are beautiful and reflect that in this country no matter how poor you are, the dream is possible and some day your family COULD live in a gorgeous CASTLE.

  • http://Zillowblog Penny

    I grew up just down the road from the Castle in Old Saybrook, Ct. My cousin and myself would climb under the fence and swim in the pool, which was much larger than. We went into the “new castle 2 yrs. ago for a open house on the 4th of July and they had redone it beautifully. Every year I come to Old Saybrook from Maine and my cousin comes from Virginia and we walk by it daily just to see the Old Castle. It has changed a lot just like us but we don’t mind.

  • Steve Swanson

    Mt. Woodson ‘Castle’ built in 1921 just outside San Diego in Ramona, CA

  • Paul

    Americans didn’t build castles we built summer cottages. See Newport, RI.

  • Rachel Cobb

    why should Americans have to replicate european building? kinda stupid if they only way people even recoginize a home as a castle or palace or chateau is if it looks exactlty like camelot. sorry but while most of you have such high standards for what you consider a castle, i as an american am proud of the ones that we have here in america. ill never be able to enjoy thoes of England, France, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, New Zeland and so on. so go ahead and critisize every lil detail to its very bit of mortar holding it in place. chances are unless youre the one desigining it, it wont live up to your “uneuropean” standards. i on the otherhand along with many others will relish in the beauty of them and their surrounding landscapes.

  • ;DanMann

    Not even Castles. Look up Mideval Castles, and check out the architecture. Then look at these rich folks modern art, faux castles. See the difference? Castles served a serious purpose. modern America doesnt have that need, thus far.

  • ;DanMann

    BTW, I am a US citizen. Castles, by definition, were built for their defensibility. Early American Pioneer Blockhouses afforded more defense than these Faux “castles”

  • Crispin (II) Trompeta

    …i like the…11…haw!

  • http://windows moonstar

    From tech…anyone can call what they want a is said to be in the eye of the beholder…I beleive these U.S. castles are a sight to see…you must have…you kept looking..even to put in your opinion.

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  • maximocho

    theys are my future homes because i am a billionare

  • Eternal Optimist

    The pictures are nice to look at, but I wouldn’t want to live in one of those places.
    I appreciate some of the woodwork and am getting ideas for my near future home improvement project of my own on a smaller scale of course. My house isnt near anything like those but I feel blessed to have it. I look forward to making my own little house my own little castle :)

  • Jane

    When I started reading this posting, I just knew that a number of commenters would chime in to insist that these places weren’t castles at all and that the only REAL castles are in Europe. I figured as much because this occurs in the comments section of pretty much every article I’ve ever read about “castles” in America. Obviously these homes are not castles in the sense that, say, Blarney Castle is a castle, but the word castle does have more than one meaning, you know! From the dictionary definition of castle:

    1. a fortified, usually walled residence, often of a prince or noble in feudal times.

    2. a large and stately home, sometimes one, with walls and towers, that imitates the form of a medieval castle.

    In the U.S. there are extant colonial-era homes which still have their original built-in fortifications, such as towers, parapet walls gun ports, etc. By the first dictionary definition, these colonial homes are castles – small castles but castles nonetheless. There also exist a number of enormous American homes that were designed as faithful recreations of old European castles and chateaux (such as Biltmore House, Vizcaya, Oheka, et al), a few of which are even larger than some of their European antecedents. America also contains a number of genuine, old European castles/manor houses that were purchased, dismantled, shipped across the pond and reassembled as homes for wealthy families.

    So, whichever narrow definition one chooses to follow, American “castles” do indeed exist.

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