Some metros are known for their sky-high home prices. However, metros with affordable homes for sale do exist! We define a market as affordable if a buyer who makes the area’s median income can afford the area’s median-priced home by spending less than what they have spent historically. These seven metro areas have the highest percentage of affordable homes currently on the market among the nation’s 35 largest metros.

No. 1: Cincinnati, OH

187 Wedgewood Ave, Cincinnati, OH
For sale: $92,000

Cincinnati, OH

Built in 1922, this 1,714-square-foot home is bright, spacious and charming. Considering Cincinnati’s median home value of $94,400, this 4-bedroom 3-bathroom home is a bargain.

No. 2: Columbus, OH

2228 Aqua Park Ave, Columbus, OH
For sale: $95,000

Columbus, OH
This 1,656-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home offers ample entertainment space, including a roomy backyard with a large deck. This home’s price sits just under the area’s median home value of $96,700.

No. 3: Cleveland, OH

3053 W 116th St, Cleveland, OH
For sale: $49,900

Cleveland, OH
Built in 1921, this quaint 984-square-foot home has been updated throughout. The 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home comes with all appliances and is even more affordable than Cleveland’s median home value of $51,700.

No. 4: Kansas City, MO

7360 N Mulberry St, Kansas City, MO
For sale: $110,000

Kansas City, MO
Located on a quiet street, this 1,028-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home has been newly painted and carpeted and comes with all appliances included. Considering Kansas City’s median home value of $112,900, this home is a great buy.

No. 5: Saint Louis, MO

4865 Fountain Ave, Saint Louis, MO
For sale: $95,000

Saint Louis, MO
Built in 1894, this 2,500-square-foot home has been well-maintained and offers abundant natural light. With an impressive 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this home is well worth its asking price — Saint Louis’ median home value is $98,200.

No.6: Chicago, IL

9051 S May St, Chicago, IL
For sale: $184,900

Chicago, IL
This 1,400-square-foot brick home has received many new furnishings throughout, including a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Chicago’s median home value is $187,200, making this 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home a great deal.

No. 7: Minneapolis, MN

3722 Oakland Ave, Minneapolis, MN
For sale: $184,900

Minneapolis, MN
This adorable 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom circa 1916 bungalow  has both original woodwork and modern updates. With Minneapolis’s median home value of $187,600, this 1,392-square-foot home is an affordable buy.


Sharona Ott is a freelance writer for Zillow. Read more from her here.

About the Author

Sharona Ott is an editorial freelance writer at Zillow.

  • fmize

    Yeah, all the cities that have been left in ruins thanks to obamas people.

  • Penny Warren

    fmize: Please share with everyone exactly where you found these facts to be accurate. Please cite your sources. Thanks!

  • David J. Gill

    Oh, come on! First…..Look, I’m from Cleveland so don’t try to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    OBAMAS PEOPLE? Excuse me…do you mean black people? You racists with your rude underhanded abuse. YOU ARE A RACIST. GET OVER IT…The President’s a black guy and he’s a hell of lot smarter, more honest, more ethical and more responsible that people like you!

    If you are so stupid that you are trying to claim that in the six years that he’s been Prez these cities have declined…you must be a complete idiot!
    People like you shouldn’t be allowed to vote…you are a disgrace!

  • fmize

    Mr Gill, So cities have not declined under Obama’s watch? Better check with Detroit. They were not bankrupt 6 years ago. They are now. Next to go will be Atlanta, Philly, Camden, Gary, Milwaukee, New Orleans and the rest of the “chocolate cities” as Mayor Nagin calls them. When white people move out, or get driven out by criminal blacks, failure soon follows. It figures that you would call facts racist, since the race card is the only card in your deck. Nice try though.

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