Hey real estate shoppers: Shopping for homes on Zillow is now quicker and easier. From larger maps and photos, to learning more details about a home you like and its location, we made it easy for you to do your research and home shopping all in one place.

1. Map appeal is the new curb appeal

Just as you would drive up to a home and fall in love from the curb, you can do the same thing while shopping for homes from Zillow’s maps:

  • Bigger maps — See more homes in a neighborhood and city all at once.
  • Quick view of homes — Preview homes right from the map (screenshot below – click to see larger). Click on a home to see basic details and photos. If you like what you see, click the address to see the entire home details page. If not, move on to the next home on the map.

2. One page, one place: Home is where the details are

Own a home? Interested in one? Go to that home’s details page to see the changes:

  • Home facts and photos — Everything you need is now easily accessible on one page. Want to see bigger photos? Click the “larger” link. Want more home facts? Click “more facts.”
  • Price history — Get a snapshot on the history of the home by viewing the home’s list price(s), sold price(s) and price reduction(s) in chronological order through the years (screenshot below).

  • Interactive charts and data — Data including Zestimate® home values, list price(s), tax assessment, taxes paid, and page views are available in increments of 1 month, 1 year, 5 years or 10 years (screenshot below – click to see larger).
  • Maps and driving directions — View a home on a map three different ways: street map, bird’s eye view or street view. Also, get directions and drive time from any home to your work, school, or local point of interest.
  • What’s nearby — Discover the “walkability” of a neighborhood and see what’s nearby including schools, grocery stores, parks, restaurants and gas stations.

3. Keep tabs on homes
Find a home you like? You can keep track of it. Under the “Alerts” tab on a home details page, you can get:

  • Property Alerts — This mail will be sent to you if there are changes to the list price or if any other status changes are made for a home (e.g., newly listed, sale price changes, taken off market, sold, pending, or no longer for sale).
  • Home Value Report — Get updates on the home’s Zestimate value, trends and the Zillow Home Value Index.
  • Saved Search — If you like a home, you can get new listings similar to a home through this e-mail alert.

That’s it! We think you’ll find these updates helpful during your home shopping experience, but if you have any feedback, please let us know.

Watch this quick video (1:03) that explains the updates:

  • Jacquelyn Giles

    You should include info about whether the property is connected to the sewer or has a septic system. In my city of University Place, WA and other WA cities, there are many residents who have aging septic systems,and face costs of tens of thousands of dollars if the system fails and they must connecte to the nearest sewer. In my case, it is nearly 300 feet away and I would have to dig across a busy street to reach it. ALL the design,digging,pipe laying and post-connection street restoration expense falls on the homeowner. There is no mitigation plan, not even a low interest loan program to help affected homeowners, and the Pierce County Assessor denies that the presence of an aging septic system adversely affects “true and fair market value” so septic properties are assessed no differently from those on the public sewer. I have appealed my assessment twice, and been denied by the local Board of Equalization. The State Board of Tax Appeals granted me reductions for both appeals, but they do not go near compensating for the stigma attached to my aging system. If I had known before I bought my home what the financial risk was, I would have canceled the sale.

  • Charles Bromley

    I want a home on just over 5 ares for greenbelt taxation, with adaquate water for irrigation, with animal rights. Washington county area, such as Brookside, Central, Enterprize, even New Harmony area. Thanks

  • Billy Drew

    I must be over looking something or just to dumb to understand.. under % change .. green or red.. exactly what is that telling me ? also.. ” price change “.. what was it before ? please for give me if I’m no too swift .. Billy

  • Diane Tuman

    Billy: If you have the “Zestimate” button selected and you’re looking at the red line, that is what the Zestimate was at that point in time for the house(you can see it, if you mouse over the chart).The green line is the Zillow home Value Index for that ZIP code and yellow is for that neighborhood.

  • kathy posten

    I would like to be notified when houses that I like and have picked would change in value, or if they were sold, etc. Thanks, Kathy Posten

  • Diane Tuman

    Hi Kathy: When you see a home you like, just click on the “Alerts” button, then select “Get price and status updates,” and select “Get home value report.” You will then be sent email alerts for the types of information you stated above.

  • Leigh-Ann Lemire

    What happened to the Neighborhood Information? There used to be a little box on the lower right hand side that had information about the type of people that lived in the area, the schools and other relevant data. The new “maps and views” does not give the detailed information that used to be on Zillow.

  • JD Mumma

    Congratulations on all the upgrades… very useful.

    Dated maps? I noticed that the satellite map you are using for Las Vegas, NV 89178 is circa 2006 (over 4 years old)! When will you be updating to more current maps?

  • Kathy Noltze

    Very useful upgrades. I’ve used your site with success for quite a while. Last year, I found a buyer for an investment house my company held; the buyer contacted me three days after I listed it on Zillow for a “make me move” price and we closed 40 days later. I especially like the new feature that tells how many people have looked at a particular listing.

    Kathy Noltze

  • Zach Roros

    I would like to see the real estate property taxes that you used to include and recently took away. This was always one of the major reasons that I used Zillow.

  • Susan

    I’ve enjoyed the updates but there’s a bug that’s been in operation for several days — If you switch the sort from “Featured Homes” to “Lot Area,” you get some really crazy lot sizes, such as “2,147,483,647.”

  • William

    How about accuracy of the information provided? I had few hiccups using Zillow. Sometimes the info is either old or not accurate, don’t know which one is worst.

  • Mike Dragnich

    I second the motion about listing the real estate taxes and whether there is a melaroos (sp?) tax. Also, how about listing the utility companies.

  • Paul Viau

    I’m personally big on maps and mapping systems.
    Kudos goes to Zillow for improving that function.
    The “walkability” part is good too! Expand into Canada!

  • Desert Mountain Real Estate Arizona

    Real estate taxes is an important piece of missing information. Please include it again.

  • Diane Tuman

    Leigh-Ann: To find neighborhood information, just click on the “Local Info” tab at the top of any home details page. You will see “Overview,” “People,” “Home Prices and Values,” “Photos,” etc.

  • Diane Tuman

    JD Mumma: We get our maps from a variety of aerial and satellite providers and each are continually trying to update. You can imagine the effort to keep the entire U.S. continually updated, so there are areas where the map views are a few years old.

  • Carole

    Great updates but real estate taxes would be nice. Also, is there a place for more options for specific features like oceanfront or handicap accessible.

  • Diane Tuman

    To everyone asking “where is the real estate taxes info?” — it’s all still there. Go to the “Charts and Data” section on any home and you will see some choices on the left-hand side: Zestimate, Listing Price, Tax Assessment, Tax Paid, and Page Views. To see information for any of these categories, just click on any of these buttons and then mouse over the chart to the right of these selections. You will see information appear on the chart.

  • James M. Stanton

    I own a house at 1010 Tulip Way in Carlsbad, CA. I need to update the information that appears on Zillow, but cannot find how to do it. Please advise.

  • Diane Tuman

    James: Is this your home?

    I found it by going to the Zillow main page:, then entering the address in the search box. Click GO and there it is. Then, just click on the address link.

  • Leigh-Ann Lemire

    Thank you, Diane – I found the Neighborhood Information! 8)

  • william m.goglas

    I own a co-op at 175 main ave apt 158 wheatley heights ny 11798.The price is reduced to 129,990
    and the school dist is not Wyandanch schools,shoud be
    dist 5 half hollow hills.Please correct listing.
    Thank you

  • Diane Tuman

    Susan: Regarding the lot size, can you send me the ZIP code you were looking at to get this error?

  • Zach Roros

    I have a DSL and clicked on the two tax options and I watched the circle spin for minutes with no information coming through. I think that you need a BlueArc storage system ;-)

  • Alex

    I love visiting Zillow. You guys keep right up on the cutting edge. Most other real estate sites just copy the other websites. You guys come up with your own ideas.

  • John Depth

    It would be good to be able to select a school district(s) and search only within those (or get price alerts only within those). Property taxes? All other interactive features/pictures are good too, but if we are missing critical info — we won’t be paging through nice pics…

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  • Diane Tuman

    William m.goglas — It looks like all of the issues you mention have been taken care of. That was quick!

  • Diane Tuman

    Thanks, Alex!

  • Margaret

    I dn’t have a comment. I just thought this was the way to get into zillow.

  • Susan

    Hi, Diane, the zip is 29707. I figured out what I’m seeing — lot size in square feet.

  • Diane Tuman

    Margaret: This is the way into Zillow:

  • cathy winkler

    I am from New Orleans. WE moved up here after Hurricane Katrina. We have a very cute house in Webster Groves that will be on the market the spring of 2012. Webster is a great community, schools are excellent, culture is cultivated, always something to keep you busy, or if you wish, just keep to yourself in your nice backyard, you can’t go wrong!

  • Tenancy Agreement

    This type of information is great is great for home buyers, investors, landlord and just net window shopppers. Get Zillow in the UK ASAP

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  • Toni

    My property is a duplex, well maintained inside and out. Comps that appear on zillow are not even close for actual comparisons. I cannot rely at all on zillow’s zestimates. Why all the emphasis on single family homes?? …frustrating!

  • Inspired Communities

    Great ideas, love that you can see homes right on the map

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