House of the Week: Montecito’s Glass Pavilion

Glass Pavilion, Montecito, CA
For sale: $19,995,000

It took Los Angeles architect Steve Hermann six years to create the “Glass Pavilion” and one life event — the birth of his daughter — to help spur him to sell what he calls his “greatest architectural achievement.”

With glass walls and sleek furnishings, this architectural art form is listed on the Montecito real estate market for $19,995,000 and “is just amazing,” says real estate agent Suzanne Perkins.

“They [the owners] decided they needed something a little less imposing, something a little more child-friendly,” Perkins said.

Perhaps inspired by architect Philip Johnson’s famous Glass House creation in 1949, Hermann’s home also has all-glass walls — even in the bathroom and shower. The Glass Pavilion sits on 3.5 lush acres and is surrounded by mature oak trees, which creates a very private setting, says Perkins.

“It’s surrounded by large estates that are completely built out,” she said. “There are no homes that can see into the property.”

The tempered glass walls are built out of Starphire Glass, which is a high-end glass product that increased the cost of the home by about a million dollars, than if traditional dual-pane glass was used.

The home itself is 13,875 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, including a large kitchen with thousand-bottle capacity wine room and grand hallway. On a lower level, an enormous art gallery currently holds a vintage-car collection. The gallery was specifically designed for the cars, but each bay, says Perkins, has its own electrical and plumbing and could be altered to hold any collection, or be remodeled into additional living spaces.

Median Montecito home values are currently $1,935,200. But selling the house won’t be an issue, said Perkins.

“This house is just over the top quality,” Perkins said. “And there are buyers out there who are interested in something that’s just over the top.”