So many one-liners come to mind, but, this being a PG-rated blog, I will leave it to our clever, witty readers to make sense of this question as it appeared in Zillow Advice today:

How can I get my neighbor to stop playing horseshoes naked in his backyard?

Can someone help this dude? Or, maybe you have a neighbor from hell that you want to vent about?

  • M Realty

    Grow some vines on the fence or sunflowers to obstruct your view. You are naked underneath your clothes everyday, so don’t be ridiculously against nudity. If he isn’t doing anything sexual, I would just drop it and not say anything.


  • David Orsini

    Tell him that if he doesn’t stop you will begin playing horseshoes in his backyard as well… only using a differnt pole as a target.

  • abe vigoda

    Where the hell do you live?

  • Heidi

    Get 2 cats. Cats love anything small and in motion:) Alternatively, invest in a high powered magnet.

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